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AFS funds penetration defects research.

AFS Funds Penetration Defect Research

Metal penetration defects cost cast iron foundries more than $65 million each year. The American Foundrymen's Society hopes to reduce that loss by researching the causes and cures of these defects.

AFS already has contributed $47,000 for the first phases of the research. The project, under way since 1989 at the Univ of Alabama, reviewed the theories and past research conducted on the subject of metal penetration.

The second phase of the research - determining the wetting characteristics of metals and mold materials using sessile drop measurements under vacuum and neutral atmospheres - is scheduled to be completed in November 1990.

"If this research can impact the dollar value that penetration defects are costing the industry by even 10%, we can save foundries over $6.5 million each year," said Daniel Twarog, AFS director of research.

Recognizing the importance of this research, AFS will provide up to $50,000 for the second year of research, matching $2 to every dollar that industry contributes. AFS also will consider funding $50,000 in the project's third year, Twarog said. Additional sponsors from industry are being sought.

Other areas to be investigated include: the effect of atmosphere on the contact angle, analysis of the contact angle, quantitative evaluation of metal-casting variables to develop a theory of penetration and applying the theories to actual foundry systems.

Further information is available from Twarog at AFS Headquarters, 505 State St, Des Plaines, IL 60016-8399; 708/824-0181.
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Title Annotation:American Foundrymen's Society grants money to the University of Alabama
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Aug 1, 1990
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