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AFS/DOE cupola modeling initiatives move forward.

AFS/DOE Cupola Modeling Initiatives Move Forward

Work continues to progress on an ambitious cupola modeling project that has the support of the American Foundrymen's Society (AFS), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and 17 other industry sponsors, including the American Coke, Coal & Chemicals Institute.

According to Sy Katz, principal research scientist, General Motors Research Laboratories, Warren, MI, who is overseeing much of the project, researchers from the University of Michigan and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been involved from the beginning with various modeling activities. Sensor development has been performed by Modern Equipment Co, Port Washington, WI, with additional input provided by Norm Lillybeck, Deere & Co, Waterloo, IA.

As development of a multiple stream chemistry model nears completion, MIT officials are developing a steady state model for heat transfer and fluid flow. Both models will be merged into a one dimensional steady state model capable of measuring the factors of fluid flow, heat transfer and chemistry for various size cupolas. This model will be verified and refined through the use of existing cupola data. Later, the refined version will be converted into a one dimensional transient model.

Three areas of future R&D activity, to be tackled during the project's second phase (1990-91) include: packing of cupola beds and how sizing and mixing affect heat transfer; studies of carbon pickup and silicon losses; and sensor technology.
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Title Annotation:American Foundrymen's Society, Department of Energy
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Mar 1, 1990
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