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AFFI-endorsed coalition expresses concern about American Power Act.

AFFI was among a number of associations and food, ingredient, beverage and consumer product producers submitting a joint letter to members of the Senate expressing concern about how the American Power Act (APA) may impact the ability to provide abundant and affordable food to all Americans. APA was recently introduced by Senators Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.)

The letter points out how climate control legislation will have both direct and indirect impacts on the cost of food, feed and household products. Specifically addressing concerns regarding industry vulnerability to cap-and-trade provisions within the legislation, the signatories request Senate consideration of the following principles in its climate bill:

* Allowances--The distribution of allowances should be based upon an industry's historic emissions and additional allowances should be distributed to reflect early action reductions in emissions between 2000 and 2013.

* Offsets--Food processors, farmers, forest landowners and others should be permitted to generate offsets, including efforts to capture methane either on the farm or through modifications to wastewater systems, to reduce the cost of allowances without unnecessary limitations on the quantity of available offsets.

* Preemption--The APA takes a positive step by preempting state cap-and-trade programs, but comprehensive climate legislation should explicitly preempt EPA and state regulation for all sources, large and small, including EPA's Clean Air Act authority to issue New Source Performance Standards for emissions of carbon dioxide and impose greenhouse gas controls on stationary sources through the New Source Review program.

* Threshold--If a cap is adopted, EPA should not be authorized to lower the threshold for the cap in the future.

* Trade--Climate legislation should be designed to comply with our trade obligations.

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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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