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AFEI elects new board of directors. (NDIA News).

The Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI), an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association, recently elected a new board of directors, incorporating representatives from America's leading defense and technology firms.

Originally established to advocate adoption of commercial standards for the exchange of data among defense logistics systems, AFEI, in recent years, has become a leading advocate for harnessing the power of the Internet to improve processes and organizational performance. AFEI's offices are based at NDIA's national headquarters in Arlington, Va.

AFEI's new chairman is Robert Kiggans, president and chairman of the Advanced Technology Institute. Under his leadership, AFEI expects to play an even stronger role in providing the framework for the exchange of information among its government and industry participants, while supplying the ethical framework for industry and government networking to advance the principles of network-centric, integrated enterprises.

AFEI board members now represent firms such as Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics and Surveillance, Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Raytheon Technical Services, Rockwell Collins, and Vector SCM. These organizations, leaders in network-centric operations and enterprise integration, considerably strengthen AFEI's programs in these areas while enhancing the association's profile on the regional and national levels.

"I'm very confident that AFEI can play an important and highly significant role in the advancement of transformation objectives and network-centric operations on a national scale", said Lt. Gen. Carl O'Berry, USAF (ret.), vice president of strategic architectures at Boeing Integrated Defense Systems and a newly-appointed AFEI director.

Transformational technologies and network-centric operations are fundamental to the Pentagon's current effort to re-structure the U.S. military in response to challenges that have emerged since the end of the Cold War. For more information on AFEI, visit
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Author:Williams, John (American clergyman)
Publication:National Defense
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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