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AF-Armaflex insulation fights sick building syndrome.

Airborne bacteria, mould and mildew that can contribute to "sick building syndrome" and lead to illness are being fought by Armacell's flagship AF/Armaflex insulation range thanks to the innovative addition of Microban antibacterial treatment.

The move makes Armacell the first manufacturer in mainland Europe to provide a highly flexible insulation material with antibacterial treatment, following success with the Microban product in the US, India, Great Britain and Ireland. The enhancement is being made at no additional cost to customers and will initially be available in the North European market, closely followed by other areas of Europe.

Georgios Eleftheriadis, European Technical Marketing Manager at Armacell, said that a recent study by the US Environmental Protection Agency had shown that the air inside buildings can be up to 10 times more contaminated with airborne pollutants than outside. When these combine with moisture, it creates ideal conditions for microbial growth--leading to sick building syndrome and associated problems such as an increase in respiratory, allergic and asthmatic and immune system reactions.

He explained: "The right building materials can help reduce the risk of sick building syndrome by inhibiting dirt accumulation, moisture penetration and mould growth. AF/Armaflex products already have passive protection against micro-organisms because it is difficult for germs to settle on the smooth, non-porous surface of the material and they do not find the nutrients they need to grow".

Microban protection is built into AF/Armaflex products during the manufacturing process and cannot wear off or wash away, remaining effective for the life of the product. It works by penetrating the cell walls of microbes and disabling vital cell functions. As a result the micro-organism is unable to function and can no longer grow or multiply, preventing the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

The launch of the Microban enhancement will also be accompanied by an extension of the AF/Armaflex product range with new tubes introduced for plastic pipes in the diameters most commonly used in cold applications.

Contact Microban (Europe) on tel 01543 464070 or visit

Contact Armacell UK on tel 016 1287 7100 or visit
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Date:May 1, 2010
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