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 Westinghouse Cathode Technology Provides A Critical Component
 of Rechargeable Battery
 /Note to Editor: AER Energy Resources announced today the licensing of
Westinghouse zinc-air battery technology. Westinghouse has provided the following copy AER's press release, in case you haven't received one. For more information, contact Robert J. Benke, science & technology public relations, of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 412-642-3321, or fax, 412-642-4985/
 SMYRNA, Ga., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- AER Energy Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: AERN) today announced it has acquired, through a license agreement with Westinghouse Electric Corporation (NYSE: WX), rights to a proprietary cathode technology and certain related patent rights which are critical to the long running, rechargeable batteries being developed by AER Energy.
 This technology will enable AER Energy to extend the "run-times" of portable notebook and pen-based computers to eight or more consecutive hours.
 AER Energy's rights under the license agreement are exclusive for portable computers and non-exclusive for all other portable products. AER Energy has also purchased from Westinghouse air cathode production equipment which is used to manufacture the prototype and preproduction units of these small, low cost electrodes. In August 1993, AER Energy began manufacturing operations on the cathode production line and is currently using the prototype battery assemblies in samples to four OEMs.
 The proprietary technology licensed from Westinghouse -- an air cathode which absorbs oxygen from air to generate electrical current on battery discharge, and expels oxygen during battery recharge -- allows AER Energy's zinc-air batteries to achieve high energy density by weight, in part because a heavy metal electrode like nickel or lead is not required in the battery. The technology was originally developed by researchers at the Westinghouse Science and Technology Center.
 It is this high energy-to-weight characteristic of AER Energy rechargeable zinc-air batteries that gives them the potential to either double or even quadruple the run-time of many portable computing and communication devices compared to existing rechargeable batteries.
 "The Westinghouse air cathode design has improved the performance and life of our prototype rechargeable batteries," said Dave Dorheim, president of AER Energy Resources, Inc. "The license provides AER Energy with the rights to produce one of the critical components that makes these batteries work. Zinc-air batteries have the potential to become an enabling power source for a host of new portable computer and communications products, and the Westinghouse license and equipment move us closer to commercial introduction of the zinc-air rechargeable batteries."
 Over the past two years, AER Energy and Westinghouse have jointly applied and tested the Westinghouse air cathode technology. Both companies are continuing to refine the cathode manufacturing process in a effort to further improve the performance of its batteries and reduce their costs.
 "We have been delighted with this opportunity to cooperate in the commercial exploitation of our advanced battery technology with one of the more technologically advanced companies in the portable battery field," said Dr. Samuel D. Harkness, general manager of the Westinghouse Systems, Processes and Technologies Division. "We are also happy to see that our work with AER Energy has benefited our related efforts to develop a rechargeable zinc-air battery for electric vehicle applications."
 AER Energy Resources, Inc. is engaged in the development and commercialization of high energy density, rechargeable zinc-air batteries that provide long, continuous run-time for portable electronic products. The initial opportunity for the company's technology is to extend the run-time of notebook and pen-based computers to continuous, full working day operation.
 -0- 9/13/93
 /CONTACT: Frank Harris of AER Energy Resources, Inc., 404-433-2127, or Judy Morris of Crescent Communications, 404-698-8650, for AER Energy Resources/

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Date:Sep 13, 1993

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