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AEM EndoShield[TM] burn protection system.

2nd Place

The new AEM EndoShield[TM] Burn Protection System provides advanced AEM monopolar energy with guaranteed elimination of stray energy burns to patients, helping save lives every day.

Benefits: Every ninety minutes in the United States, a patient is severely injured from a stray energy burn acquired during laparoscopic surgery. These completely preventable burns kill 1-2 people per day. Encision's advanced AEM[R] monopolar energy eliminates these burns, caused by insulation failure and capacitive coupling, saving patient's lives every day.

What sets this product apart: The AEM EndoShield Burn Protection System is the only way to deliver monopolar energy with guaranteed elimination of stray energy burns. There is no other product on the market that eliminates the issue of stray energy from insulation failure and capacitive coupling.

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Title Annotation:ESP Award Winners: Minimally Invasive Products
Publication:Surgical Products
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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