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AEIOU in order--again!

Popular word puzzle lore has it that there are only two relatively common words having the five vowels AEIOU appearing once each and in order: ABSTEMIOUS and FACETIOUS. Over a dozen other such words and terms were logged in Language on Vacation and pre-1998 issues of Word Ways. The number of such AEIOU words jumped dramatically in February 1998, though, with the publication of Susan Thorpe's article "AEIOU in Order". Susan's article brought together the previously published AEIOU words, many new finds in Webster's Second Edition and the Oxford English Dictionary, plus many culled from the pages of biological references. Susan's article pulled together a total of 145 AEIOU words.

Susan quoted some words (ARTEMIDORUS, ARTERIOSUS and AVENIOUS) from specialist biological references--yet the first is in Webster's Second, the second is in Webster's Third (in the term BULBUS ARTERIOSUS), and the third is in the OED etymology of AVENOUS. Susan's HARIEOUS is obviously a misprint for HAREIOUS.

Jeff Grant and Susan added 8 items in the May 1988 Colloquy, and Susan added a further 17 in the November 1999 Colloquy, bringing the total to 170.

The list below contains 42 more AEIOU words and terms, bringing the total to 212, a far cry from the two posited by popular word puzzle lore. Many of my words/terms are obsolete spellings, some are proper names, a few are Latin words, some have the AE diphthong, and some are hyphenated or multi-word terms. Each specimen is briefly described, along with details of the source in which the word is found. Undoubtedly further examples could be discovered by an extensive study of gazetteers, medical dictionaries and other repositories of increasingly obscure words and terms.

abjeccioun (Web 3) Middle English spelling of abjection, in etymology of abjection

ale-Joust (OED) 1529 quote at just, a large pot with handles for holding ale

allectioun (OED) obsolete form of election, in 1387 quote at chooser

anthericous (Foster Illustrated Encyclopedic Medical Dictionary) pertaining to anthers

aperinous (Foster Illustrated Encyclopedic Medical Dictionary) having no scrotum

arenicolus (Foster Illustrated Encyclopedic Medical Dictionary) living in the sand (Lat.)

ascentioun (OED) obsolete spelling of ascension, in 1552 quote at convention

camelioun (OED) obsolete spelling of chameleon, in 1388 quote at camelion

caseinous (OED) adjective, like casein, in 1863 quote at mucinous

cavernicolus (OED) part of biological name, in 1965 quote at polychromatism

Dambreticourt (OED) surname of Eustace Dambreticourt, in 1523 quote at whole

flattening out (Web 2) present participle of verb flatten out, shown at flatten

Gadsprecious (OED) exclamatory term, shown at Gad

Gaeiochus (OED) proper name, in 1579-80 quote at stayer

gareisoun (OED) 14th century spelling of garrison

gathering-ground (OED) term listed at gathering

gathering out (OED) present participle of gather out, to select, listed at gather

gathering round (OED) present participle of gather round, in 1855 quote at gather

gathering-sound (OED) term listed at gathering

habreioun (OED) variant spelling of habergeon, in 1380 quote at jack, a coat of mail or armor

have it out (Web 3) phrase listed at have

laetiflorus (Web 3) part of a biological name in definition of showy sunflower, a herb

lateriflorus (OED) early spelling of laterflorous, having lateral flowers, in 1855 quote at lateri-

magnesious (OED) in 1812 quote at meerschaum, a magnesium silicate

maleficorum (OED) part of malleus maleficorum, in 1822 quote at contriturate

malfeisour (OED) 14th century variant of malfeasor, an evildoer, in 1379 quote at router

Maneriorum (OED) in the title Lex Maneriorum, a literary work quoted at mise

manerious (OED) 14th century variant of manners, in 1320 quote at venery

mastering-trough (OED) a trough for lime, listed at mastering

praecious (OED) 16th century variant of precious, in 1599 quote at aureate

praepious (OED) 17th century variant of pre-pious, very pious, in 1657 quote at pre-

praevious (OED) 17th century variant of previous

Rankeillour (OED) proper name, in 1893 quote at warrandice

ravelling-out (OED) in 1882 quote at oversew

sham-serious (OED) compound listed at sham

slavering-clout (OED) compound listed at slavering

tabellioun (OED) 15th century variant of tabellion, a scrivener or notary

taediosus (Web 3) late Latin word in the etymology of tedious

taedious (OED) 18th century variant of tedious

taeniopus (OED) part of a biological name, in quote at gout

trade discount (Web 3) main entry

traveilous (OED) 14th century variant of travailous, laborious

If anyone wants to add to the list here, striving perhaps for 250 AEIOU words, perhaps they should begin by seeing if they can verify any of these terms in a dictionary: make it out, shake it out, share it out, take it out, tapering out.
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