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 LEXINGTON, Mass., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Navy and Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) recently conducted their fifth straight successful Standard Missile Block IV (SM-2 Block IV) launch at the White Sands Missile Range in N.M.
 Raytheon is the design agent for the SM-2 Block IV missile, also known as the Aegis Extended Range (ER) missile.
 The test, conducted Sept. 23, achieved all of its primary and secondary objectives, including a demonstration of missile propulsion and control and the acquisition of aerodynamic and thermodynamic data under stressful flying conditions.
 The missile, launched from an MK 41 vertical launch system, flew along a planned trajectory , which included a series of complex maneuvers. The missile's advanced control system performed flawlessly, resulting in the successful completion of all major test objectives.
 William H. Swanson, senior vice president and general manager of Raytheon's Missile Systems Division, said the missile "continues to achieve success under demanding flight test conditions. Previous flights demonstrated SM-2 Block IV's performance against very high- altitude and high-speed targets, setting new record for records for a target intercept by a Standard Missile.
 "This latest test was significant," he added, "as the Navy and Raytheon continue to demonstrate that SM-2 Block IV meets its new requirements in terms of extrended range, altitude, and speed while retaining all of the capabilities of previous versions of the Standard Missile. "
 He said the program will shift to at-sea testing upon completion of the current series of tests. Six more tests are scheduled to be completed by the spring of 1994.
 The SM-2 Block IV surface-to-air missile complements SM-2 medium range missiles aboard Aegis cruisers and destroyers equipped with the MK 41 vertical launch system.
 SM-2 Block IV's advanced technologies provide a significant performance improvement over previous versions of the Standard Missile. SM-2 Block IV will be modified to provide the fleet with an area defense capability against tactical ballistic missiles. This new modification, known as SM-2 IVA, was recently designated a Ballistic Missile Defense Organization "core program" in Secretary of Defense Aspin's bottom-up review of Department of Defense programs for the Clinton Administration.
 The Navy is also exploring the use of SM-2 Block IV missiles for advanced technology demonstrations of lightweight exo-atmospheric projectiles for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. A derivative of SM-2 Block IV is a leading candidate for the development of a sea-based Theater Missile Defense interceptor to complement the U.S. Army's Ground-Based Radar/Theater High Altitude Air Defense system.
 Raytheon, headquartered in Lexington, Mass., is a diversified, multinational, $9 billion technology company with sales in four business segments: Electronics, Aircraft Products, Energy and Environmental, and Major Appliances.
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Date:Oct 13, 1993

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