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AEGINRST transdeleted.

AEGINRST has over 150 transposals, previously listed and discussed at length in Word Ways and Making the Alphabet Dance. What about the subsets of those letters? There are eight ways of selecting seven letters from AEGINRST, and all of them can be rearranged to form valid words. All are common and in Webster's Third.
AEGNRS regains AEGINRT granite AEGINST seating AEGIRST gaiters
AEINRST stainer AGENRST strange AGINRST staring EGINRST resting

There are 28 ways of selecting six letters from AEGINRST, and all of them can be rearranged to form valid word. 26 are in Webster's Third; two are further discussed in notes at the end of this article.
AEGINR regain AEGINS easing AEGINT eating AEGIRS agrise
AEGIRT gaiter AEGIST ageist (1) AEGNRS angers AEGNRT garnet
AEGNST agents AEGRST grates AEINRS arisen AEINRT retain
AEINST tisane AEIRST satire AENRST astern AGINRS grains
AGINRT rating AGINST giants AGIRST gratis AGNRST grants
AINRST strain EG1NRS singer EGINRT engirt EGINST ingest
EGIRST tigers EGNRST streng (2) EINRST insert GINRST suing

There are 56 ways of selecting five letters from AEGINRST, and all but one of them, the all-consonant GNRST, can be arranged to form valid words. 50 can be found in Webster's Third.
AEGIN gaine AEGIR aegir AEGIS aegis AEGIT Getai
AEGNR anger AEGNS geans AEGNT agent AEGRS rages
AEGRT great AEGST stage AEINR reina AEINS anise
AEINT entia AEIRS arise AEIRT irate AEIST iteas
AENRS snare AENRT antre AENST antes AERST stare
AGINR grain AGINS gains AGINT giant AGIRS fairs
AGIRT tragic AGIST agist AGNRS grans AGNRT grant
AGNST gnats AGRST strag (3) AINRS rains AINRT train
AINST stain AIRST stair ANRST rants EGINR reign
EGINS singe EGINT tinge EGIRS grise EGIRT tiger
EGIST tiges EGNRS grens (5) EGNRT grent (5) EGNST gents
EGRST grets (4) EINRS siren EINRT inert EINST inset
EIRST tries ENRST stem GINRS rings GINRT grint (5)
GINST sting GIRST grist GNRST INRST shirt

There are 70 ways of selecting four letters from AEGINRST, and 58 can be found in Webster's Third. The five all-consonant words cannot be solved.
AEGI gaie (7) AEGN gane AEGR rage AEGS sage
AEGT gate AEIN aine (6) AEIR aire AEIS saie (6)
AEIT itea EENR near AENS sane AENT neat
AERS eras AERT rate AEST seat AGIN agin
AGIR gair AGIS gais (7) AGIT gait AGNR gran
AGNS snag AGNT gnat AGRS rags AGRT grat
AGST stag AINR rain AINS sain AINT anti
AIRS airs AIRT airt AIST airs ANRS arns
ARNT rant ANST tans ARST star EGIN glen
EGIR geir (7) EGIS egis EGIT tige EGNR gren (7)
EGNS gens EGNT gent ERGS ergs ERGT gret (6)
EGST gest EINR rein EINS sine EINT tine
EIRS rise EIRT tire EIST site ENRS eros
ERNT rent ENST nest ERST rest GINR grin
GINS gins GINT ting GIRS rigs GIRT girt
GRST INRS fins INRT trin INST tins

There are 56 ways of selecting three letters from AEGINRST, and all but the 10 all-consonant combinations can be rearranged to form valid words. 44 of these can be found in Webster's Third.
AEG age AEI aie AEN ane AER are
AES sea AET eat AGI gai (9) AGN nag
AGR rag AGS sag AGT tag AIN ain
AIR air AIS ais AIT ait ANR ran
ANS san ANT ant ARS ars ART art
AST sat EGI gie EGN gen EGR erg
EGS seg EGT get EIN nie (8) EIR ire
EIS sei EIT tie ENR ern ENS ens
ENT net ERS ers ERT ret EST set
GIN gin GIS Gis GIT git GNR
INT tin IRS sir IRT rit IST sit

(1) AGEIST is not in the original printings of Web3, but can be found in 6000 Words and 12000 Words

(2) STRENG is found in Web2

(3) STRAG is found in Web 2; the two-word term G STAR can be found in Web3

(4) one more word can be found in Web2: GRETS

(5) three more words can be found in the OED: GRENS, GRENT, GRINT

(6) three more words can be found in Web2: AINE, SAIE, GRET. In Web2, AINE has a circumflex over the I and an acute accent over the E; this can be replaced by AINE from the OED, with no accents

(7) four more words can be found in the OED: GAIE, GAIS, GEIR, GREN

(8) one word can be found in Web2: NIE

(9) one word can be found in the OED: GAI


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