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AEA Technology Engineering Software, Oxford, U.K., has unveiled a significant update to its SPS separations process software with the latest update CD for its client base.

This year represents the 26th year of SPS delivering chemical engineering knowledge and software to the process industries and there are a number of upcoming enhancements and developments of note.

SPS will further increase value by focusing on the accessibility and level of usage of its knowledge and software within their customers' organizations. Specifically, they will use the latest developments in information technology to transform SPS into two new products due for release in 2000:

Process Manual 1.0

The SPS manuals will be delivered as an intranet product. This will dramatically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and enable considerably more engineers and chemists in their customers' organizations to benefit from the SPS knowledge than has been previously practical.

Ross Kendall, senior consultant, engineering, at DuPont stated: "DuPont has been using AEA Technology's SPS Manuals for over 12 years and we have found the information they contain to be extremely useful in our process development. Delivering this knowledge directly to our thousands of engineers and chemists over our own intranet is considered an extremely valuable development."

BaSYS 1.0

The software tools of SPS and BDK will be incorporated and developed as part of a larger process lifecycle environment. Application of this environment will be tailored to individual usage throughout the organization from laboratory chemist to plant engineer. The purpose of BaSYS is to provide customers with an enterprise-wide process development environment where a number of scientists and engineers exchange and retain project and process data.

"The route to business profitability in the next century lies in sustaining intellectual as well as physical assets," said Gareth Pugh, SPS business manager at AEA Technology Engineering Software. "By combining outdated work processes with moderate staff turnover, many organizations forget what they have learned every three years. With the Process Manual, our customers will capture their accumulated process engineering knowledge, while BaSYS enables both concurrent process development and capture of the specific plant and process information generated during design and operation."

The latest SPS CD includes updates to the electronic manuals as well as the following new and updated programs:


-- Consol now features data links with the BDK product Slurry Handling

-- PipeDes 2.0 has been extended to calculate total pressure changes over pipe runs for settling in addition to non-settling slurries

Gas Cleaning

-- Cyclone 2.3 can now integrate with the HYSYS process simulator

-- Sparge 1.0 simulates the steady state gas flow through the pulse tube system used in reverse pulse jet cleaned filters


-- DrySel 2.1, now in Windows, also updates and improves the SPS algorithms for assisting engineers in selecting the most appropriate drying equipment

-- DryScope 1.0 allows rapid short-cut design of all dryer types based on the SPS methods

-- FluBed 3.0 a number of usability improvements have been made to the design program for fluidized bed dryers

Solid Liquid Separation

-- FDFit 2.0, the program for determining filtration parameters, now supports the constant rate mode

-- SLeSP 1.0 is based on SPS algorithms for assisting engineers in selecting the most appropriate filtration equipment

Solvent Extraction

-- LexSet 1.0 is a design program for staged extractors, such as mixer settlers Waste Water Treatment

The Manual has been updated for 1999 U.K. and European Legislation.

About AEA Technology Engineering Software

AEA Technology Engineering Software is a leading supplier of engineering solutions for the process and mechanical manufacturing industries. The business operates from a network of 20 offices worldwide, with subsidiaries in Canada, U.S.A., Germany, Spain, France and Japan.

Its range of software products includes process simulation (HYSYS), chemical and pharmaceutical process design (BaSYS), computational fluid dynamics (CFX), separation process design (SPS) heat transfer (HTFS), plant lifecycle data management (AXSYS), as well as operator training and fatigue and lifetime prediction solutions (nCode).

The business aims to provide an unequalled software environment for the management of knowledge and design throughout the engineering and operational lifecycle within its expanding customer base.

AEA Technology Engineering Software is part of AEA Technology plc, one of the world's leading science and technology businesses supplying innovative technical, safety and environmental solutions to a broad range of industries worldwide. AEA Technology plc (LSE:AAT) employs nearly 4,500 people in 26 locations around the world, bringing science to the marketplace through consultancy, technical services, hardware and software systems, research and development and technology transfer.

For more information, call 510/748-4709.
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Date:Feb 1, 2000

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