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 SAN DIEGO, Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The rapidly changing pace of the current gaming environment has led to a series of timely negotiations aimed at positioning Advanced Gaming Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: AGTI), at the forefront of the gaming industry. Following the news release of Dec. 10, 1993, announcing the recruitment of top management personnel from within the industry, Advanced Gaming Technology Inc., said it is pleased to report the following advances in its competitive position and the achievement of strategic objectives as set for the first quarter of 1994. Advanced Gaming Technology Inc., has the most technologically advanced products on the market today, offering both video and portable electronic bingo systems.
 As continued growth is contingent on management's ability to identify and successfully implement new products, the Dec. 10, 1993, acquisition of American Multi-Systems of Ramona, Calif., secured the most advanced video bingo technology for a fixed-base system in the marketplace today. Since then, 70 Video Bingo systems have been installed in the Sycuan Bingo Hall, located in El Cajon, Calif. Playing 27 sessions each week, Sycuan plays more sessions than any Indian Gaming Bingo operation in North America. The installation of 20 Video Bingo systems in Victorville, Calif., and new installations occurring weekly across the United States, significantly advances the company's revenue position. Projections citing April 1994 as the date of initial revenue realization, have been revised to show immediate revenue from installations of Video Bingo Systems.
 A Joint Venture Proposal has been entered into between Advanced Gaming Technology Inc., and Satellite Bingo International Communications Inc. (SBI), for the use of ElectroBingo portable handsets in satellite programming. As SBI Communications produces and distributes an interactive Bingo game via satellite with large jackpots to participating Native American Bingo operations, charities and military bases, this agreement systematically extends the potential market for ElectroBingo to more than 3 million homes with satellite receivers.
 With negotiations near final, a Letter of Intent has been entered into between Advanced Gaming Technology Inc., and a major United States Bingo distributor. Once complete, representatives calling on over 300 operations per week, will actively distribute both ElectroBingo and Video Bingo to the largest Bingo operations in the western United States. Additionally, a Letter of Understanding has been signed with a Native Canadian group granting them the rights to distribute the products of Advanced Gaming Technology Inc., to western Canada's Native Indian Gaming operations. Similar negotiations with distributors covering other North American markets are underway.
 Management said it wishes to report the signing of a Letter of Intent with the Beijing Hanwei Economical and Technical Development Corp., to purchase 10,000 gaming licenses allowing the company to manufacture and operate 10,000 slot machine devices, in the province of Guangdong. The company plans to use these licenses in 100 Bingo halls, that it intends to franchise in the Province of Guangdong. The present plan will require further discussions with Chinese authorities, to operate slot machines as well as Bingo games in each of the 100 Bingo halls. The consideration for the licenses in both cash and shares in the company will be announced once the transaction is completed.
 With the objective of achieving self financing in the second year of operations, Advanced Gaming Technology Inc., has finalized the first necessary private placement of $500,000 U.S., to finance AGT Acceptance Corp., which will fund the production and supply of electronic Bingo systems to the North American marketplace.
 With the near completion of year-end financial statements, plans to broaden access to venture financing include the application for full public trading capabilities on the NASDAQ system. Industry analysts have acknowledged Advanced Gaming Technology's strong management team, superior products and financial strength, as important variables to consider when evaluating this company as a potential investment. The management of Advanced Gaming Technology Inc. said it is confident that recent developments will position the company as a leader in the gaming industry, and maintain the competitive advantage required for continued financial strength.
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