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AdSafe and Image Analyzer, a leader in image recognition technology, have announced a partnership in which Image Analyzer's real time image analysis technology will be integrated into AdSafe's Content Rating System. The deal will add additional accuracy to AdSafe's Content Rating System, allowing AdSafe to increase the brand safety of online advertising for marketers, particularly in respect to images and video on social media and user generated content platforms.

Using proprietary data science, AdSafe rates the relative brand safety of content on almost all commercially supported web pages. Working with AdSafe, brand advertisers can select the appropriate online context for their brand and, using the AdSafe BrandSafe Firewall, prevent brand advertising from appearing adjacent to inappropriate content. Under the terms of the partnership, Image Analyzer's proprietary image analysis technology will be integrated into AdSafe's content rating algorithm, supplementing AdSafe's existing image analysis technology.

"This partnership further strengthens AdSafe's ability to provide brand marketers with a comprehensive solution to concerns over brand safety online. With the proliferation of social media and UGC, millions of unmonitored images and videos appear on the web every day. This presents a huge concern for major brands who cannot be associated with unbecoming consumer content. Image Analyzer's technology allows us to thoroughly understand image content on billions of ad supported pages before making a decision regarding their suitability for brand advertisers," commented Kent Wakeford, co-founder and EVP of AdSafe.

Image Analyzer uses a proprietary, algorithmic and heuristic process to recognize objectionable images in digital media. These algorithms are supplemented with 11 different detection methods to reliably distinguish inappropriate images from appropriate images in digital contexts.

"AdSafe's mission of providing increased brand safety to online marketers is one we believe in wholeheartedly. We're excited about the opportunity to use our technology to help make the internet more brand safe by extending AdSafe's technology to more comprehensively assess images and video," said Crispin Pikes, CEO, Image Analyzer.

About AdSafe Media

AdSafe Media is the rating standard for brand protection online. With AdSafe, marketers' advertising only appears on sites with content marketers deem to be consistent with their brand's image, objectives and corporate philosophy. AdSafe protects brand equity by mitigating risk of damaging brand adjacencies, reduces costs and improves response rates to campaigns across the web.

For more information, visit or call 646/278-4868.

About Image Analyzer Limited

Image Analyser Ltd develops image recognition technology which can identify inappropriate or pornographic images in digital data transmission. The company incorporates proprietary 'best of breed' technology developed by individuals who possess years of experience in the IT security market. The company was formed to provide technology on an OEM basis worldwide to major IT software and hardware vendors across a broad range of market sectors, including email and web, telecommunications, online storage, and network forensics. The company has offices in the UK, USA, Asia & Australasia.

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Publication:Imaging Update
Date:Dec 29, 2009

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