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ADRIAN SUSPECT UNDER 24hr SURVEILLANCE IN U.S. Authorities monitoring movements.


THE main suspect in the Garda Adrian Donohoe murder probe is being watched in the US, it has emerged.

The thug, who fled last month, is believed to be in New York and the US Marshals Service has been notified of his presence.

The crack outfit, which specialises in the apprehension of fugitives, is believed to be monitoring his movements after gardai alerted them.

It is more than three months since Gda Donohoe was shot dead at the Lordship Credit Union outside Dundalk, Co Louth, while escorting a cash collection.

The raiders made off with around [euro]4,000 and gardai launched a major manhunt involving hundreds of officers to catch the killers.

The criminal, who is from South Armagh and is in his 20s, slipped out of the country and gardai believe he may have been the man who pulled the trigger on the dad of two.

It emerged last month the young criminal had fled the jurisdiction when he failed to appear for a court appearance.

criminal He was due to appear on charges of criminal damage and unlawful use of a vehicle.

A circuit court judge ordered him to be arrested on sight and gardai have notified police in the States as well as the FBI.

It is understood that the New York Police Department passed on his name and picture to US marshals.

Among the agency's responsibilities is fugitive recovery and it is believed that if the criminal stays beyond his 90-day holiday visa he will immediately be lifted by the US marshals.

The Service has a strong record of apprehending fugitives and it is believed he will be deported back to Ireland if he stays longer than he should.

Gardai will be eager to see him return to the jurisdiction should they gather enough evidence to bring charges.

The news emerged as gardai carried out a series of raids in Louth over the weekend as part of the investigation into Gda Donohoe's murder.

Detectives backed up by members of the Divisional Search Team, the Regional Support Unit, Garda Stolen Motor Vehicle Investigation Unit and the Divisional Scenes of Crime Unit were all involved in the raids in Faughart, near Dundalk.


SHOT DEAD J Det Garda Adrian Donohoe
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 6, 2013
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