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ADOC (Advance Directive Online Completion).


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Healthcare providers need to know what a patient wishes--especially at end of life. In order to let their healthcare providers know, patients may choose to fill out an Advance Directive (AD) stating their medical wishes. In fact, federal law requires that hospitals ask patients about an AD upon admission and offer them the opportunity to complete one. Despite the federal law, unfortunately, only about 20% of Nevadans have completed one. To address this problem, Nevada lawmakers passed legislation during the 2007 session better enabling the Nevada Center for Ethics & Health Policy at the University of Nevada Reno in conjunction with the Nevada Secretary of State's Office to create a two step solution.

Step One: For individuals who have not yet completed their AD, ADOC will be available. ADOC (Advance Directive Online Completion) is a guided form to assist individuals in completing their Advance Directive (AD). The online form is user friendly and provides answers to frequently asked questions. Once the AD is completed online, it must be printed out and witnessed or notarized.

Step Two: The AD can then be sent to be scanned and placed into a secure online repository housed at the Secretary of State's Office. Once online, the AD can be viewed by the individual or by a registered, healthcare provider. Registration will be available to all hospitals and healthcare facilities. Individual providers (such as a APN or physician's office) can registered, if needed. If an individual patient chooses not to file their AD online, they can file a locator." This will advise the healthcare provider where their AD is located for relatives to retrieve.

On the Horizon: In several other states who have developed online methods for completing and filing an AD for online viewing, the rates of AD completion increased. This is good news for nurses who are advocates for their patient's wishes.

The two step solution will be rolled out on February 26, 2008. If you have any questions about how this may affect you or your patients, please feel free to contact the Nevada Center for Ethics & Health Policy (775)327-2309 or email

Rabbi ElizaBeth Beyer, R.N., M.S., J.D., Attorney at Law

Nevada Center for Ethics & Health Policy

University of Nevada, Reno MS 339

Reno, NV 89557

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Date:Feb 1, 2008
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Advance Directive for Nevada citizens online completion.

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