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ADLINK Teams with Intel and AWS to Offer Al at the Edge.

SAN JOSE, CA. ADLINK Technology announced it has joined forces with Intel and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to simplify artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge for machine vision. The integrated solution offers an Amazon Sagemaker-built machine-learning model optimized by and deployed with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, the ADLINK Edge software suite, and certification on AWS Greengrass.

The ADLINK AI at the Edge solution closes the loop on the full cycle of machine-learning model building--from design to deployment to improvement--by automating edge-computing processes so that customers can focus on developing applications. The ADLINK AI at the Edge solution features:

* Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, which optimizes deep learning workloads across Intel's architecture;

* Amazon Sagemaker, a fully managed service that covers the entire machine learning workflow;

* AWS Greengrass, which extends AWS to edge devices so they can act locally on the data they generate, while still using the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage;

* The ADLINK Data River, offering translation between devices and applications to enable a vendor-neutral ecosystem; and

* The ADLINK Edge software suite, which builds a set of deployable applications to communicate with end-points, devices, or applications.

"We've worked on multiple industrial use cases that benefit from AI at the edge, including a smart-pallet solution that makes packages and pallets themselves intelligent so they can detect where they're supposed to be, when they're supposed to be there, in real-time," said Toby McClean, VP, IoT Innovation & Technology, at ADLINK. "This enables warehouse customers to yield improved logistics and productivity, while also decreasing incorrectly shipped packages and theft. And this use case can be replicated across verticals to improve operational efficiency and productivity."

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY REPORT
Publication:EE-Evaluation Engineering
Date:Jan 1, 2020
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