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ADIE'S BOMBSHELL; BBC news is terrible, trivial and insulting.


TV journalist Kate Adie has launched a scathing attack on the BBC's "terrible" news coverage, accusing director general Greg Dyke of giving too much air time to trivial stories.

Kate, who has reported from many of the world's trouble spots in her 32-year career and is now the BBC's chief news correspondent, said: "The trend now is to non-stop items on lifestyle and consumer issues.

"It's just terrible and really is quite insulting to viewers to think that is all they want to hear about. They don't think anyone is interested in what goes on beyond those sorts of issues."

Speaking in London, Kate, who was awarded an OBE for her work, added: "They have really cut down on serious news dramatically. They think people don't want to hear about what is happening in the world.

"Well I know they do and we're letting the viewers down not telling them."

Kate, whose reported on China's Tianamen Square massacre, the Gulf War and Bosnia, also slammed the BBC for its coverage of the Nepalese royal family massacre.

She said: "The only reason they were interested in the story was because it made for exotic shots.

"They felt it was a great opportunity to show weird hats, like the one the new king wore, and the burning funeral pyres. It was an exotic location."

Kate, 55, now spends most of her time away from the BBC. "I am writing a book and I'm also giving lots of lectures." And she said she now found herself sidelined by the BBC in favour of younger, better-looking reporters.

Tonight she will be reporting from former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke's constituency in what insiders say is "usually a junior reporter's role".

But a BBC spokesman said: "All our important news correspondents will cover important people.


FRONT LINE: Kate Adie during the Gulf War; HITTING OUT: Kate attacks news "trivia"
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 7, 2001
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