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ADIC StorNext Management Suite tapped for key role in intelligence information program.

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC) announced recently that its StorNext Management Suite has been selected to provide SAN file system technology for a key Department of Defense and intelligence agency information retrieval system, the Information Dissemination Services-Direct Delivery (IDS-D) program of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).

The contract award was placed by the IDS-D prime contractor through sub-contractor, Lynx Storage Systems, a division of Patuxent Technology Partners.

"The ADIC StorNext SAN file system was chosen for this contract after extensive testing that compared a range of the latest file-system products," commented Bill Coleman, Director of Business Development, Lynx Storage Services. "StorNext File System demonstrated that it could provide performance and reliability leadership, as well as deliver extremely high value, all key elements in the selection process."

"At ADIC we are pleased to be working with the IDS-D prime contractor and with Lynx Storage Systems as part of what we believe will be a significant contribution to our nation's intelligence gathering capabilities," said Bill Yaman, ADIC Software Vice President. "Given the current world situation, it would be hard to imagine a more important application for our high speed, data sharing technology."

IDS-D is an automated, high performance information delivery system that receives, profiles, processes and directs large volumes of data at multiple security levels in order to provide timely, relevant, and accurate imagery and imagery intelligence information to the armed services and intelligence community. IDS-D is a key element of the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSGI), an extensive network of systems used by the Department of Defense and the intelligence community to share and exploit imagery, imagery intelligence and geospatial information.

The StorNext Management Suite is a scalable, high performance, data management solution that ensures the long-term safety and recoverability of data in SAN environments, while optimizing the use of storage resources. StorNext FS provides high-performance, shared access to centralized disk storage for heterogeneous clients. Because it gives multiple clients simultaneous access to the same files sets, StorNext eliminates the need to move large files over the LAN and to store duplicate file copies. The result is high speed data sharing, improved productivity, and reduced network bottlenecks.

ADIC data management software provides enterprise-scale access and protection for critical digital assets throughout their lifetime, automatically managing data on different platforms, operating systems, and media types to give users the maximum performance and utilization from their storage resource investment. ADIC data management software is used in more than 1000 organizations worldwide to manage some of the industry's largest and most challenging open systems data storage environments.
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Comment:ADIC StorNext Management Suite tapped for key role in intelligence information program.
Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:May 5, 2003
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