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ADIC AMASS for UNIX software extends infinite file life to new media.

Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC) announced recently the availability of a new release of the company's archive software, AMASS for UNIX. AMASS is designed to provide long term automated access to organizations' key digital assets in a variety of high capacity, removable storage media types. The new version of AMASS, release 5.3.2, adds support for new storage devices and media, and it extends the company's exclusive Infinite File Life (IFL) long-term data integrity feature to Sony's AIT media.

ADIC's Infinite File Life (IFL) is an industry-exclusive feature that protects stored data from becoming lost or corrupted over time. IFL tests the integrity of data by periodically checking the rate of recoverable errors found in stored files. When error rates pass a defined threshold, the data is written to new media before any of the information in the file can be lost. The new AMASS release extends IFL capabilities to devices using Sony's AIT media, a tape format that provides rapid access to stored data and is widely used for long term archiving applications.

"Organizations faced with long-term records retention requirements always face the problem of making sure that the information stored--as distinct from the media itself--remains intact," said Bill Yaman, ADIC Vice President, Software. "ADIC's Infinite File Life helps make sure that the integrity of retained data can be maintained automatically over many years independent of the media it is stored on."

The new AMASS release also adds new support for storage devices, including the Plasmon Enterprise D Series DVD library, Quantum Super DLT 220 tape drives, and Ampex 314 tape drives. Support is also extended to version 6.1 of StorageTek's Automatic Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) tape library control software and the 2.3 release of ADIC's Scalar Distributed Library Controller (SDLC).

AMASS is specialized storage management software that lets users, administrators, and applications archive large data sets on automated storage libraries and retrieve all or any portion of the data at any time. AMASS provides users with enormous storage capacity and cost savings with the look and feel of a hard disk, transforming devices typically considered "off-line storage" into truly online direct-access mass storage.
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Title Annotation:Advanced Digital Information's AMASS for UNIX 5.3.
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Date:Jun 30, 2003
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