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ADFA Sex Video Scandal: Female Cadet Insists No Consent to Film Lovemaking (VIDEOS).

The ongoing trial of the two former Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) cadets for filming having sex with a female cadet has been reduced to a he said, she said type of argument.

It would be for the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court to determine who is telling the truth between Daniel McDonald and the female cadet, referred to as Kate.

Mr McDonald on Monday insisted that Kate was aware that he was filming their lovemaking and even waved at the camera of the open laptop. However, on Tuesday, Kate said she was shocked upon learning that their sexual encounter was filmed and broadcast via Skype to another male cadet, Dylan Deblaquiere in March 2011.

Besides Mr Deblaquiere, five other male cadets were in his room and watched the lovemaking session.

The female cadet insisted she did not permit her sex partner to film their lovemaking session and for it to be broadcast via Skype. "Your scumbag of a client filmed me having sex without my consent and that's the only fact that matters," ABC quoted the female cadet's sharp words to the defence lawyer.

Her bringing up her ordeal to media has caused her to be called a troublemaker by a high-ranking ADFA officer.

"I went to the media because I was not being given any support by Defence," Courier Mail quoted the female cadet who admitted she broke college fraternisation rules when she went to Mr McDonald's room on March 29, 2011 to have mutually agreed sex.

"I had a duty to other women to make sure that it didn't happen to them ... that people are held accountable for their actions," she added.
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Aug 20, 2013
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