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TORONTO, ONTARIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--FEBRUARY 9, 1995--ADEX MINING(TSE: AMG ) ADEX Mining Corp. is pleased to report diamond discovery results from test work on drill core samples recovered from the autumn 1994 testing of the Nicholas Bay Kimberlite on the Aylmer Lake West property under option to SouthernEra Resources Limited (SUF - TSE). Winspear Resources (WSP - VSE) has a 32.5 percent interest in the property, SouthernEra can earn a 34.425 percent interest in this claim group with ADEX retaining 33.075 percent. SouthernEra is operator of the program.

Earlier results from a 230 kg sample had reported significant quantities of microdiamonds and this has been further confirmed by the test work reported here. A 120 kg sample of split drill core was composited from the two principal phases of kimberlite present in the pipe - massive kimberlite (58 percent) and kimberlite breccia (42 percent). The objective of the work was to check the kimberlite for the presence of macrodiamonds greater than 1.0 mm in size, without subjecting the entire sample to the costly process of caustic dissolution. Unfortunately, no macrodiamonds were found in this test.

This material was crushed to minus 1.0 cm in size and subjected to light attrition milling with ceramic grinding balls to produce two main size factions; coarse (over 1 mm) and fine (0.15 to 1.0 mm). These two sample sizes were submitted to Lakefield Research for caustic dissolution diamond recovery, with the coarse and fine fractions treated separately.

The results from the non-magnetic fine fraction totalling 13.8 kg
in weight are as follows:

Natural Diamonds Recovered 34
Size range (smallest to largest) 0.10 to 0.37 mm
Colour 32 white stones, 2 brown
Clarity 34 clear stones
Morphology 20 stones intact crystal forms
 14 stones - fragments of or
 chipped crystals (dominately
 the latter)

The results from the coarse fraction totalling 18.8 kg in weight
are as follows:

Natural Diamonds Recovered 5
Size range (smallest to largest) 0.15 to 0.31 mm
Colour white
Clarity clear
Morphology 3 stones intact crystal forms
 2 stones chipped crystals

These results are generally consistent with the earlier results, however a direct comparison is not realistic. Due to the small size in diamonds from this pipe, it is very likely that significant quantities of microdiamonds will be included in the magnetic fraction, and some of this will be checked. The sample size reduction through magnetic separation is, however, an economical method of checking for larger stones in a kimberlite, and also for a preliminary testing for the presence of microdiamonds.

SouthernEra plans further exploration to test additional targets on the Aylmer West property.

CONTACT: Bill Burton

(416) 947-1179
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 9, 1995
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