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ADE surveillance, reporting.

ADE Assistant is designed to perform automated trigger-based surveillance and enhanced voluntary reporting of adverse drug events (ADEs) in hospitalized patients. To infer possible ADEs, it monitors and evaluates critical patient data stored within diverse systems such as ADT, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology and nursing. The continuous, hospitalwide surveillance and inference technology lets hospitals detect, evaluate, characterize, document and report ADEs in real time. Suspected ADEs are submitted with four clicks from any mobile or Internet-connected device. Observed events documented by the voluntary reporting tool automatically trigger an intelligent alert to the clinician responsible for ADE surveillance. Other features include documentation of the drug causing the ADE and the clinical result of the event, online causality assessments and severity scoring, and archiving of reported ADEs. TheraDoc Inc., Salt Lake City
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Title Annotation:New Products & Services; adverse drug events; TheraDoc Inc.
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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