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ADDING MULTIMEDIA Deco Lighting Warns U.S. Cities with ARRA Funds for New Streetlighting to Select a Reputable U.S. Lighting Manufacturer.

LOS ANGELES -- Deco Lighting, a U.S. based lighting manufacturer, is advising Mayors, Planners, Engineers, Energy Managers, and Public Works Directors of cities, towns and municipalities throughout the U.S. to research and carefully select a legitimate, reputable manufacturer for new streetlights they plan to purchase with ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009) funds received from U.S. government stimulus programs. Enacted by the U.S. Congress in February 2009, the total Stimulus Recovery Act measures are worth $787 billion, with $47 billion allocated for infrastructure, including public building, transportation, and repair, and $40 billion for energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

U.S. Cities receiving ARRA funds can be fooled by Induction lighting companies who use Chinese-made Induction lamps and generators they private label from unreliable overseas suppliers, claim to be "Buy American" compliant and market their streetlights at very low prices to capture ARRA-funded projects, according to Deco Lighting. Some U.S. cities have already made the wrong decision. After installation, numerous cases of component failures, misleading warranties, non-compliance with "Buy American" provisions, and Induction technology patent infringement have been reported, and are under federal investigation. U.S. city officials are often unaware of these problems when project bids are awarded and the company with the lowest price for new streetlights is selected.

"There are a number of Induction lighting companies who have made a business in the streetlighting market with overseas components they simply put their label on, with no legitimate manufacturing facilities, no engineering, no testing capabilities, and no proven history of Induction lighting installations in the U.S.," says Sam Sinai, VP of Deco Lighting. "It is common knowledge in the U.S. lighting industry who these Induction lighting companies are, how they mislead and market their products. Unfortunately, many U.S. city officials and their engineers don't know and need to be made aware."

Mr. Sinai commented on the ARRA streetlighting bidding process: "In this tough economy, contractors often present bids using the lowest price Induction streetlights to win the overall project installation. Contractors and city officials need to verify the Induction lighting company chosen has a track record of installations in the U.S. with proven Induction technology of 100,000 hour life expectancy. These decision- makers should choose companies that utilize brand name Induction lamps, such as SYLVANIA ICETRON[R] from manufacturer OSRAM SYLVANIA. Some of these Induction lighting companies are using the same overseas Chinese manufacturer and simply applying their own label. The most important questions responsible city engineers and officials should ask the lighting company is: Who makes your Induction lamp & generator? Where do we go to obtain replacement lamps and generators? China?"

For the cities and municipalities that purchase complete streetlights or retrofit kits from these companies selling Chinese Induction technology, the risks can be disastrous when problems occur. These companies and their Chinese component suppliers often go out of business, replacement components may not be available, and the limited warranties they offer may not cover parts and labor. Cities and municipalities can face the real risk of needing complete streetlighting replacement after committing their ARRA funds to purchase low quality streetlights from low priced, unproven companies.

"Many cities have HID cobrahead streetlights that have been installed for 30 years or more, and are now upgrading to new Induction technology fixtures for the substantial energy and maintenance savings," adds Mr. Sinai. "Unlike HID lamps and ballasts used in these cobraheads, Induction lamps & generators vary in design and are not interchangeable between different manufacturers. It's common sense that any new Induction streetlights should have easily obtainable lamps & generators for replacement. Reputable, brand name Induction lamps & generators are readily available from local electrical distributors. Private label Induction components from Chinese manufacturers may not be available when it's time for replacement. What does a city do if they are confronted with a critical loss of streetlighting, citizen safety and transportation, and possible lawsuits if they can't obtain lamps & generators for their new Induction streetlights?"

Deco Lighting partners with SYLVANIA for all their Induction streetlighting. SYLVANIA is a long time supplier of proprietary Induction technology lamps and generators. With cutting edge luminaire design, Deco Lighting's partnership with SYLVANIA assures municipalities that they are obtaining high quality, high performance Induction streetlights backed by reliable, long term customer service and parts replacement. Proven experience includes Deco Lighting's Induction streetlighting in numerous municipal, commercial and military installations throughout the U.S., and SYLVANIA's leadership in Induction technology for the past 10 years. Deco Lighting Induction streetlights comply with the "Buy American" program provisions of the ARRA and the DOE (U.S. Department of Energy), are listed by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) as recommended ARRA compliant fixtures, and are backed by a 10 year warranty that covers both parts and labor.

Deco Lighting is a division of Deco Enterprises, a diversified corporation in business for over 50 years in the lighting industry. Deco Lighting is a leading manufacturer changing the world of lighting with the latest green technology, energy saving lighting and controls, including many award-winning exclusive designs. Deco Lighting products are proven in architectural, commercial, municipal, military and government installations throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Deco Lighting's extensive product line includes architectural and commercial indoor fluorescent, Induction, HID, LED, Solar, Dark Sky friendly outdoor luminaires, exit & emergency fixtures, and lighting controls. For more information visit e-mail:, phone: 310-366-6866.

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