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ADDA 2008 (All Digital Demand Asia) Welcomes the Asian Print Community to Singapore.

Singapore, Nov 28, 2008 - (ACN Newswire) - ADDA 2008 (All Digital Demand Asia) is opening its doors to Asia's leading brand owners, commercial printers and executives from creative agencies in Singapore. Callahan Publishing Pte Ltd is proud to host the latest event on November 27 to 29, 2008 at Singapore Expo Hall 2.

In this current market landscape, digital printing technology is increasingly expanding its market share. Indeed digital printing technology provides for many new business models and cost savings. Paul Callaghan, organiser of ADDA, said that it supports the current industrial trends. "Comprehensive integration in a digital workflow, qualitative and short runs, fast turnarounds and reduced stock risk are paramount considerations in today's printing environment. Digital printing means flexibility and a quicker response towards the changing market and demands.

"Digital printing prompts a new way of thinking. It responds to individual needs and print reference in an efficient manner in terms of fit and styling. Digital printing will open up a whole new world of customised products that can be ordered over the internet and delivered directly to purchasers' homes."

Digital printing is the wave of the future. The outlook for digital printing is exciting with new applications and products emerging today to increase values. The technology opens the door for a new set of challenges and opportunities, such as the printing of very complex one-off designs.

"We are very excited. Together with the support of some of the leading print technology suppliers such as Canon, Fujifilm, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Oce, Ricoh, Toshiba etc., we aim to create an informative event which will benefit and ultimately elevate the standards of digital printing in Asia," said Ivan Khoo, business development, Asia.

"Digital printing also contributes to change in print outsourcing and the appearance on the market of a worldwide network of application centres. But these technological changes also demand organisational changes. This means an entirely different production structure that supports new machines, a new approach to design and a new relationship with customers at both the wholesale and the retail level. At ADDA's conference program, our exclusive panel of industrial veterans will join the audience to discuss and offer insight into various issues critical to the pursuit of new business models.

At ADDA, we believe that digital printing requires thinking outside the box. It requires a rethinking of the process, a new approach with new products and new market strategies that leverage not just cutting-edge printing technology but also information systems and even the internet. The new model will be a market of small series of short runs. ADDA will be there to assist and showcase the business opportunities available for the Asian print community.

Quotes from Platinum Sponsors:


"This is a very exhilarating time for us with the launch of our latest range of innovative digital printing solutions, and we are very happy to be able to ride on the inaugural ADDA 2008 platform. We'll be showcasing exciting new technologies including the very first "spot varnish" digital proofing and the latest models and software packages. Be sure to drop by the Canon and see for yourself how our printing solutions can revolutionise your business," said Koji Takanashi, senior manager, Business Imaging Solutions Group of Canon Singapore. ( )


Fujifilm is capable of providing many unique solutions to various customers under the digital era. Key Solutions for offset press, wide format inkjet and POD will be showcased at ADDA. Each of these technologies has their own advantage. Customers have a choice of selection on what and how they would adopt and improve their business. And this is Fujifilm's unique capability, which we are proud to offer to our customers, all with consistent colour management. We also consider environmental friendly solution to benefit the industry, such as chemistry-free and processless plates. We are glad to be involved and take part in the first digital event in Asia. ( )


Digital technologies have touched almost every part of our everyday lives. It comes as no surprise then that digital print platforms have also been revolutionising the creative and print industries in Asia Pacific, with exciting new business models and value propositions. ADDA is thus timely in allowing key industry players and stakeholders in the region to learn more about the technological capabilities and market opportunities available to them to grow their businesses. HP is delighted to support this inaugural ADDA event and to take visitors through how our HP Graphic Business Solutions can help them make a seamless transition from analog and enjoy the full advantages of the digital era. ( )


With globalization and the need for instantaneous information and quick turnaround on print projects, the trend is moving to digital data and many of us have already experienced first-hand how it boost efficiency and productivity. We have seen many examples of transformation to digital data. The pre-press film has given way to CtP and now, we are seeing a slow transition to the use of processless plates reducing the environmental impact in the pre-press environment. Email paves the way for us to send information to the other part of the globe instantly and printers are able to conduct proofing through software without the need to leave their desks. Reviewing what Kodak has done over the last 10 years, we are a living example. Kodak has shifted from that of conventional business to digital. If you have not embarked on this trend, embrace it now. Go digital, for it is your connection to the future! ( )

Oce - 'Pursuit of Business Opportunities in Asia'

"A decade ago, Digital Production Printing was in its infancy stage as far as the publication and commercial printing industry were concerned. Today in Europe and United States of America, digital printing has captured a significant share of the book, financial and Graphic Arts industries, replacing short-run offset printing with digital Printing on Demand (POD). The quality, productivity and cost of digital print, as well as the connectivity with the existing workflows have improved to the point where it is entering the mainstream.

"In Asia, Digital Production Printing is in its early stage. Oce believes that the similar track, which happened in Europe and USA will follow suit in Asia. Being one of the key supporters of digital printing industry, Oce is willing to facilitate the Asian customers to step in the world of Digital Production Printing. Among all the competences required to become a successful digital printing player, one key element is to have good knowledge about digital printing and its workflow. In this respect, Oce strongly encourages the initiatives of All Digital Demand Asia to show the ultimate strength of digital print," said Rob de Louw, general manager, Digital Printing Systems, Oce Asia Hub. ( )


At Ricoh we believe that the prime purpose of printing solutions is to increase efficiency and simplify your work, bring added value to your business. That is why we constantly invest in innovation, and strive to make our system as user-friendly as possible. We help to streamline your workflow and to reduce running costs.

With this purpose in mind, Ricoh has expanded its expertise into production printing in the last four years. This dedicated production printing business unit is designed to better meet the needs of the demanding production marketplace and support the document management needs of Central Reproduction Departments (CRD), Print for Pay and Data Center environments by providing seamless integration of printing, copying and scanning functionalities.

"Ricoh's advanced new Pro series is a comprehensive product portfolio that integrates with the digital print workflow. It not only addresses, but also exceeds, the demands of the production market, providing more advanced functionality and finishing capabilities to help businesses and brings added value to our customer in this region. We are proud to showcase our latest technology in ADDA", said Tony Muroiwa, general manager of Marketing and Solution, Ricoh Asia Pacific. "The Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) allow our specially-trained operators to quickly replace parts and minimize downtime. Built upon proven technology, the Pro series demonstrates value-for-money reliability, high performance, improved ease-of-use, and better flexibility to maximize returns," added Muroiwa. ( )

Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd

Toshiba is proud to be one of the sponsors in the All Digital Demand Asia - an event where all print gurus and professionals come together to share their innovative technologies and solutions on digital printing.

Looking at Asia's current environment on digital print technology, there are rooms for greater technologies and advance innovations. Today a good definition of an advanced digital print technology coming from an MFP should encompass speed, quality, multi-function capabilities, environmental-friendly, low cost printing and security. No matter how advanced or sophisticated digital printing has becoming to be, every organization should have some level of security in their MFP. This is because IT thefts and threats, employees' negligence is on the rise, causing companies to suffer great losses. Document management without security is useless. Basic security feature, at least, should be encouraged in Asia. On the other hand, security becomes impractical if advanced security features are made too complex. In Toshiba, high security is achieved without adding complexity. This is the way security is meant to be and what sophisticated consumers nowadays are looking for.

Toshiba hope that at ADDA, visitors will receive business opportunities, gain insights of the innovations digital print technologies can provide, as well as understand the importance of security in this aspect. ( )

About ADDA

All Digital Demand Asia (ADDA) is a unique, Asia centric, highly focused, content rich event designed by and for print professionals who lead busy lives in demanding enterprises. This three-day event identifies and attracts an elite audience, which has a significant impact on the marketplace. Inaugurating in Singapore, ADDA is a bi-annual event that delivers an integrated digital lateral workflow from digital photography to print output. The event offers an in-depth look at the highest-priority issues facing the digital print industry today and presents leading technology direct from hardware and solution providers. For more information, please visit

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