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ADC intros Singl.eView Server allocation for enterprise, IT services portfolio.

ADC (Nasdaq:ADCT; has announced the general availability of its Singl.eView Server Allocation package. A component of ADC's award-winning dynamic transaction management platform, Singl.eView Server Allocation tracks server utilization down to an individual, group, or business unit for accurate cost allocation and server optimization. The solution is designed for large enterprises, IT outsourcers, managed service providers and communications service providers.

Singl.eView Server Allocation collects server-usage data from iSystem Enterprise software by MetiLinx, Inc., which is used by numerous companies including Hewlett-Packard, Intellinex and Honeywell. A Singl.eView Server Allocation license is embedded within the MetiLinx product, and is available to all MetiLinx customers who purchase version 3.0 and above.

"Enterprises looking to decrease their overall IT costs need tools to track how IT resources are being consumed down to an individual department or user," said Lisa Cebollero, an analyst in the billing and payment application strategies practice for Yankee Group. "The joint ADC-MetiLinx package provides CIOs and IT managers a clear view into the consumption and associated costs of these IT resources at a granular level. This allows them to better manage operating costs and determine efficient improvements, which will result in cost savings."

"Singl.eView Server Allocation is a great option for companies that want to implement IT demand management to control costs," said Rob Simons, vice president in charge of enterprise solutions for ADC's Software Systems Business Unit. "Using Singl.eView Server Allocation, CIOs can precisely match actual server utilization with their resources, which typically allows for reduced cost and improved efficiency. Depending on the type of organization, these costs can be lowered by 20 percent to 40 percent."

MetiLinx provides Adaptive Infrastructure Management solutions for complex IT environments. MetiLinx software enables businesses to manage, integrate and optimize their IT systems for the highest efficiency levels at the lowest possible cost.

"Our instrumentation and virtualization tools give organizations the most powerful and granular visibility available into resource consumption and utilization at an application, server farm, end-user or departmental level," said Steve Mallouk, executive director of sales and marketing at MetiLinx. "Combined with Singl.eView's leading edge transaction management capabilities, Singl.eView Server Allocation gives both IT and financial management the first truly integrated set of tools to establish a consumption-based billing solution that delivers real efficiencies and cost savings."

"This visibility into actual server utilization also gives CIOs the tool they need to affect demand by creating pricing models to influence usage. CIOs can now feed accurate server usage data back to the business units, and then collaborate with them on ways to reduce their overall IT costs. It helps them quantify the business value of IT so they can become a more effective stakeholder in their organization," Simons said.

Singl.eView Server Allocation includes several pre-configured reports comparing budgeted to actual usage and offers customizable reports. Other out-of-the-box functions include invoicing formats, security groups, financial interfaces and business unit/department definitions. In addition to server allocation, Singl.eView enables the usage-based management and allocation of a variety of corporate services, including application, communications services and business process management.

Singl.eView Server Allocation is a packaged component of Singl.eView, which is a single application framework for real-time revenue, transaction, billing and service management, regardless of business model or service type. It measures and monetizes any combination of service, asset or resource, and has a proven performance, scalability and reliability record from its origins in the telecommunications market.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Apr 14, 2003
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