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ADC and Infrared Communications Systems Transport Digitized RF over Free-Space Optics.

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Lab Trial Demonstrates Cost-effective and Quick Solution for

Providing Wireless Coverage in Areas that Present

Zoning Challenges or Lack Access to Buried Fiber

ADC (Nasdaq:ADCT;, a leading global supplier of fiber optics, network equipment, software and integration services for broadband, multi-service networks, and Infrared Communications Systems, Inc. (, a provider of high-speed laser communication systems, successfully completed a laboratory trial demonstrating that digitized radio frequency (RF) signals can be transported via free-space optics. The application offers licensed wireless service providers a quick and cost-effective solution to locate wireless coverage and capacity in areas where fiber is not currently available or in locations that present regulatory or zoning challenges. It is also ideal for situations that do not justify a long-term capital investment, such as providing temporary coverage for major sporting events or conferences.

Free-space optics is a proven technology that is typically used to transport SONET formatted data in backhaul and local area network (LAN) applications. Now, when combined with ADC's patented technology of digitized RF transport, free-space optics can be used to transport RF (wireless) signals from a remotely located base transceiver station (BTS) to a desired coverage area.

"This use of technology should solve many issues when quick deployment is critical," said Jeff Quiram, ADC's president of ADC's Broadband Infrastructure Division. "Often, wireless carriers can't wait for fiber to be buried where they need coverage or it is cost prohibitive to do so. In addition, the regulatory approval process for adding new base stations to add or expand coverage can be extremely difficult. ADC's patented digitized optical RF transport coupled with free-space optics will allow carriers to achieve their coverage goals faster and without the legal delays often associated with regulatory approval of new sites or burying of fiber."

"This is a great application for free-space optics," said Robert Junglov, president and CEO of Infrared Communications, Inc. "Our technology, though successful, has so far been limited to backhaul and LAN situations. It is not economically feasible to use free-space optics with analog RF transport due to amplitude modulation requirements imposed on lasers for analog systems. But using digitized optical RF transport permits use of more commonly available lasers and therefore opens up the door to using free-space optics in last-mile applications."

In the trial, signals were transported from a BTS to an ADC Digivance(TM) Host Unit, which digitizes the RF signal and digitally transports it over fiber to an Infrared Communication's Free-space Optic Transceiver. The signal was then passed over the air to another Free-space Optic Transceiver, which received the digitally transported RF signal and sent it over fiber to an ADC Digivance(TM) Remote Unit. The remote unit then reconverted the digitized signal back into RF, and passed it to an antenna for distribution to mobile users in the designated area. To see a diagram highlighting the RF trial, go to and click on the Digivance link in the What's Hot section.

About Infrared Communications Systems, Inc.

Infrared Communication Systems (ICS) provides last mile and inter-building infrared connectivity solutions for North America. The SkySeries product lines offer fast, low-cost and low-maintenance alternatives to leased lines, cable and short haul microwave transmission sytems. ICS applications include multi-service ATM, Fast Ethernet, data, video, PABX trunking and PCS/cellular backhaul. ICS is headquartered at 611 Main Street, Suite D, Edmonds, Washington 98020 and can be contacted by phone at 425-775-8657, fax at 425-775-8401, or e-mail at More information about ICS is located on the company's Web site at

About ADC

ADC is The Broadband Company(TM). ADC's fiber optics, network equipment, software and integration services make broadband communications a reality worldwide by enabling communications service providers to deliver high-speed Internet, data, video and voice services to consumers and businesses. ADC (Nasdaq:ADCT) is a Fortune 500 company with sales into more than 130 countries. Learn more about ADC Telecommunications, Inc. at
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