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ADC (Nasdaq:ADCT;, a leading global supplier of fiber optics, network equipment, software and integration services for broadband, multiservice networks, has announced the release of PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM and PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD. These innovative one-of-a-kind solutions quickly and cost-effectively enable carriers to deliver ADSL services to premium residential and small business subscribers that are currently beyond the reach limits of CO-based or DLC-based DSLAMs. The new products work in conjunction with ADC's recently released broadband micro-DLC, the PG-FlexPlus Field Shelf. The three new PG-FlexPlus solutions will be featured in ADC's booth, No. 3548, at Supercomm in Atlanta, June 5-7.

The PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM and the PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD feature environmentally hardened enclosures and line powering for the ultimate in reliability and flexibility of deployment in the outside plant. Each product satisfies a specific market need for ADSL delivery to currently unreachable premium residential and small business subscribers - considered among the highest user groups of voice and data services. The PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM provides up to 24 ADSL ports. It fills a critical gap in delivering ADSL service to subscribers that are more than 12,000 feet from a CO or DLC by extending the reach limit for ADSL to up to 30,000 feet from the CO or DLC remote location.

The PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD provides an ADSL connection and three or six lifeline POTS on a single copper pair. It fills a critical gap in delivering multiple lifeline POTS as well as high speed Internet access to end-users in areas of copper exhaust that are currently served by Digital-Added Main Line (DAML) devices. These two new products help enable carriers to quickly and profitably satisfy the needs of premium residential and small business subscribers, who up to this point, could only turn to cable operators for high-speed Internet access.

"The technical and economical obstacles that have prevented carriers from deploying ADSL to a large segment of their premium subscriber base are overcome with our new PG-FlexPlus Edge solutions," said Shaji Thomas, vice president of marketing for ADC's Subscriber Carrier Business Unit. "By helping enable carriers to `reach the unreachable' premium subscribers who are demanding ADSL services, ADC is not only opening lucrative market opportunities for our customers, but also providing a tool to help telcos retain their best residential customers."

Because the line-powered PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM extends the effective ADSL serving range to 30,000 feet, it complements CO-based DSLAMs and DLC-based remote DSLAMs that have an effective reach of approximately 12,000 feet. The PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM enables carriers to deploy ADSL-based services to subscribers between 12,000 feet and 30,000 feet from a CO or DLC, approximately 20% of homes in North America. The PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM includes a splitter for combining existing POTS with ADSL, is easy to install, works with existing home wiring, and supports industry standard ADSL or G.Lite modems.

Available in either 3 POTS + 1 ADSL or 6 POTS + 1 ADSL configurations, the line-powered PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD enables carriers to quickly and cost-effectively satisfy the demands of premium residential and small business customers for multiple voice lines plus high-speed Internet access. The PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD delivers telco-grade lifeline POTS using full PCM over 64kbps of dedicated bandwidth for each POTS line. Voice service is transported to the PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD using Channelized Voice over DSL (CVoDSL), thereby eliminating the need for ATM voice gateways.

An initial application of the PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD is to deliver simultaneously ADSL and multiple POTS lines to subscribers currently served by DAML equipment. DAML equipment is deployed in areas of copper exhaust to deliver multiple voice lines over a single copper pair, however DAML equipment is not capable of delivering ADSL service at the same time. Currently, the high cost of placing new cable to deliver ADSL to these customers, prohibits carriers from offering service to this large segment of premium customers. The PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD is the only solution that enables a carrier to deliver ADSL to these premium customers without requiring a costly cable plant upgrade.

CLECs can also use the PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD to address the needs of small business customers. Delivering multiple telco-grade lifeline POTS and a high speed ADSL connection on a single unbundled copper pair helps reduce costs and maximize revenues.

The PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM and the PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD can be subtended from the PG-FlexPlus Field Shelf with the simple addition of corresponding line interface cards and an ATM switch interface card on the PG-FlexPlus Field Shelf. Existing voice remotes can co-exist harmoniously with the new ADSL-based remotes.
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