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ADC Leading Drive for Automated Connectivity; Company Unveils ACX and ADX Systems; Solutions Increase Network Flexibility and Reliability, Support Increased Bandwidth Delivery and Reduce Carrier Costs.

MINNEAPOLIS -- ADC (NASDAQ:ADCT;, is leading the drive to develop new automated connectivity solutions that help carriers manage and add value to the physical layer of communications networks. The company's products feature innovative designs that improve operational efficiencies associated with adding, moving and changing services. ADC's new automated connectivity solutions increase network flexibility and reliability, support delivery of more bandwidth to subscribers, and reduce carriers' operational expenditures.

"ADC is focused on integrating the next-generation network, and in particular, providing automated connectivity solutions for minimum-touch networks," said Daniel Tardent, ADC senior product manager. "As voice, video and data signals are being delivered seamlessly to customers, and traditional industry boundaries are disappearing, we're providing the technology and expertise that enables communications service providers worldwide to serve their residential and business customers more efficiently."

According to Tardent, automated connectivity solutions offer carriers a number of key features and benefits. They include:

--Innovative designs that drive efficiencies associated with moves, adds and changes

--Increased network flexibility and reliability

--Support of higher bandwidth delivery to subscribers

--Lower carrier operational expenditures and maintenance costs

ADC is currently unveiling two new solutions that support its automated connectivity initiatives: the OmniReach(TM) Automated Copper Cross-Connect (ACX) System, and the ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect System. The ACX System is available for immediate delivery in global markets. The ADX System is currently shipping in markets that use the SDH Standard. ADC is featuring the ACX and ADX at GLOBALCOMM(TM) 2006 in its booth #27061, June 5-7 in Chicago.

OmniReach(TM) Automated Copper Cross-Connect (ACX) System

ADC's new OmniReach(TM) Automated Copper Cross-Connect (ACX) System provides a flexible, scalable platform that allows carriers to remotely move, add and change services for customers. By reducing the need for on-site support, the ACX system helps carriers lower operational costs and allows quick and easy implementation of service changes.

"Making changes to a customer's network infrastructure, such as increasing bandwidth, can be expensive and time-consuming for carriers," said Tardent. "The ACX system provides a minimum-touch network that limits the need to dispatch technicians to remote locations and reduces time-to-market for new services. The end benefit for carriers is quicker customer service at a lower cost."

Applications supported by the ACX include provisioning of service change requirements, xDSL deployment, switching between redundant equipment and collocation. The ACX system can be deployed in a copper or a copper/fiber-based cabinet, allowing ADC to work with each customer to identify specific needs.

ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect system

ADC's new ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect system is an innovative solution for connecting wireless networks and exchanges. Part of the company's new line of automated connectivity solutions, the ADX system combines a synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) multiplexer and a digital distribution frame into a compact package. The design yields a key benefit: due to the very high density of interconnections, the ADX requires about 50 percent to 80 percent less space than traditional cross-connect links.

Said Tardent, "We are very pleased to introduce the ADX to existing and potential customers. To deliver advanced telecommunications services today, fixed-line and wireless carriers face the challenge of housing an increasing number of interconnections in a very limited space--in both the central exchange, and in remote hubs or wireless base stations. ADC's ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect is a compact, space-saving solution that increases flexibility for carriers and helps to reduce operating and overall capital costs."

The ADX system complies with SDH network technology standards and supports operational and administrative functions for a seamless integration into existing wireless and fixed-line networks. Up to 63 E1 ports can be combined in a single fiber cable. In addition, the ADX system enables automated access through the digital distribution frame (DDF) for test and monitoring purposes.

With its compact package and low-power requirements, the ADX is especially suited for applications in remote exchanges, and wireless base stations or wireless concentrators. The preconfigured ADX system does not need complicated E1 copper cable connections between the DDF and the add-drop multiplexer/digital cross-connect system. This saves carriers time, helps them avoid cable installation mistakes and requires less trained personnel. Additionally, carriers benefit from lower installation costs and improved service quality.

Said Tardent, "ADC is committed to helping carriers throughout the world manage an ever changing network environment. Our automated connectivity solutions, allow us to continue to meet and support customer demands for 'minimum-touch' networks."

About ADC

ADC provides the connections for wireline, wireless, cable, broadcast, and enterprise networks around the world. ADC's innovative network infrastructure equipment and professional services enable high-speed Internet, data, video, and voice services to residential, business and mobile subscribers. ADC (NASDAQ:ADCT) has sales into more than 140 countries. Learn more about ADC at
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Date:Jun 4, 2006
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