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Some skaters have a deep bag of tricks, others have a bottomless well and you never know what they're capable of--until they show you. Off and on for over 20 years, Adam McNatt would rise from the underground, unveil some wild documentation of his unique approach to skating and then recede from the spotlight. He was a Powell-Peralta prodigy, a 101 ripper and his Evol Still Life video part is a deep-cut classic. Over many years, he has transformed his creative palette of skate tricks into an equally impressive range of versatile tattoo art. Most recently, he has opened a tattoo shop in Kona, Hawaii (Ancient Mariner Tattoo), with fellow pro skater and artist Chris Senn. If you're ever going to get inked, you want your artist to know the tricks of the trade. Once again, Adam has gone from apprentice to wizard.

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Title Annotation:CANVAS
Author:Yamato, Mike
Date:Apr 19, 2019
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