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ADAM KELLY: Member Engagement Coordinator.

Adam Kelly is one of the AMS's newest employees. He started at the busiest time of year for AMS, in November 2018, and immediately began gearing up for the 99th Annual Meeting in Phoenix. With a lot to do in a short time, Adam had to quickly learn how AMS functions.

"After attending my first Annual Meeting, I was impressed by the diverse community of professionals, students, and stakeholders that make AMS the premier organization it is," Adam comments.

Originally from Maryland, Adam moved to Boston in 2017 after, coincidentally, falling in love with an AMS employee. Adam noticed the job posted on an AMS job board and embraced the opportunity. Member engagement coordinator is a new position at AMS and Adam felt his skills and life experience would be uniquely suited to it. The job requires a person with people skills, database navigation, and marketing experience. Adam thought the job needed somebody who had methodical attention to detail, but also with the creativity to invigorate the relationship of AMS with its members.

Adam graduated from Towson University in 2000 with a B.S. in mass communications, and also produced and starred in a campus comedy show. Prior to joining AMS, Adam spent time as a bartender, did freelance marketing for bands, and worked at a law firm where he assisted victims of asbestos exposure.

"All my work experience has involved at some level communicating ideas to people, to make them laugh, to ask them to buy something, to help them fight their legal battles," he notes. "No matter what, it always starts with making a connection with people. That is what I feel is the most important skill that I bring to this job."

As the member engagement coordinator, Adam balances his time between the Membership and Development Departments. He supports the functions of the Membership Department and troubleshoots any issues that arise for members. Through member problems large and small, if you contact AMS, there is a good chance that Adam will be on the other side of the line. On the development side, he works with the sponsors and donors that support AMS programs and conferences.

Adam has particularly enjoyed his work with the AMS Centennial Giving Fund.

"I feel lucky to have come on board at such an exciting time in the history of AMS," he says. "With our Centennial, I am able to have a hand in helping us address the challenges of the next century. I am able to work with a broad spectrum of companies, people, and institutions that support AMS and its programs."

Adam is working for AMS to help coordinate the efforts of these diverse groups and people.

"I'm not a scientist," Adam notes. "But I really enjoy that my work supports a greater goal of scientific knowledge that benefits society."

Outside of AMS, Adam has a lifelong passion for history, science fiction, and baseball. His secret dream is to be the voice behind movie trailers. Adam and his wife, Beth, formerly a marketing associate at AMS, were married in May.

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