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ADAA roundtables thrive at regional shows.

Starting in late 2002, the ADAA began providing a new educational service at state and regional dental meetings as well as other venues. Opportunities to interact with ADAA members and other dental assistants were offered to ADTA members (American Dental Trade Assn.) and other long-time ADAA supporters. The concept was developed by Milly Goldstein, President of Harry Bosworth Company and Past President of ADTA.

During each session, there are four tables presented, each with a different product featured from a company providing hands-on education about it. Participants spend 45 minutes at a table and then are invited to rotate to the next table until they have visited all four. Many free samples are provided, door prizes generally presented and continuing education credits are earned. There is usually no charge to participants.

The concept, new for ADAA, was first tried out at the Greater New York meeting in November 2002 and then at Chicago Midwinter in March 2003. Most recently, the successful presentation was made again--with different products, of course--at Greater New York.

Future presentations planned for 2004 include Yankee Dental Congress, Boston, January; Chicago Midwinter, February; the Thomas P. Hinman Meeting, Atlanta, March; the California Dental Association Meeting, April.

Roundtables are generally offered free of charge, but in some cases show management requires a charge. These roundtables provide a splendid opportunity for the ADAA to offer members a way to gain hands-on product knowledge of the latest equipment and methods as we reach out to nonmembers and acquaint them with ADAA. We also welcome the opportunity to acquaint members and other dental assisting professionals with ADAA's supporters from corporate America.

The following companies will be participating:

* A-dec * Align Technology * Biotrol International * DentalEZ * * Dentech Corporation * Dentsply Professional * DUX Dental * Eastman Kodak Company * E.C. Moore Co., Inc. * G.C. America * Harry J. Bosworth * Heraeus Kulzer * Hu-Friedy Manufacturing * John O. Butler Company * Oral-B Laboratories * Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. * Pentron Clinical Technologies * Philips Oral Healthcare * Procter & Gamble * SS White Burs * Sullivan-Schein Dental * 3M ESPE * Total Care, A Div. of Kerr Corp. * Ultradent Products
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