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ADAA Announces Leaders: The American Dental Assistants Association recently elected the following trustees and officers.

President-Elect Jan DeBell, CDA, EFDA, MS

Jan DeBell is co-program director/faculty at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado, and has served as 11th District Trustee since 2011, having previously served in the same role earlier. A 40-year veteran of dental assisting, DeBell says she has changed and grown as an individual. "I am a better individual, a better teacher, and a better dental assistant because of ADAA," she says. "I know what our association looks like now; I don't know what it will look like in the future. What I do know is if we don't change to meet the needs of the 21 st century, our association will not be here in 5 years. That fear is what is motivating me to serve our association."

Vice President Robynn Rixse, CDA, EFDA, FADAA

Rixse will graduate with a bachelor's degree in healthcare administration from Elizabethtown College in 2019. "I am constantly amazed at the number of dental assistants from the student level up who have never heard of our organization," Rixse asserts. "If we truly want to reach out to the over 320,000 dental assistants across the United States, we need to find new ways to enhance our name recognition. Our next step should be determining the best way to tailor the benefits to meet the needs of particular groups of dental assistants.

Secretary Cathy J. Roberts, EFDA, MADAA, CDA Emeritus , COA-Emeritus, CDPMA-Emeritus, CPFDA-Emeritus

A 43-year veteran of dental assisting and an ADAA Life Member, Roberts is a past ADAA president. "Our members are the heart and soul of the ADAA," says Roberts. "As we move forward, we need to focus on our members and adding value to their membership. Our future depends on it. ADAA will need to collaborate with other dental organizations to reach dental assistants. It is time to bring the issues that face dental assistants every day to the forefront and look for innovative ways to interact with assistants."

1st District Trustee Mary LaChappelle, CDA, RDA, RYT

Technology advisor for Patterson Dental in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, LaChappelle is also pursuing her associate degree in business management at PennFoster College. "Dentistry has been my ultimate passion and will continue for many years to come," she says. "We are a forever growing community--a profession that continues to serve as the cement that holds the practice and team together. The continued service of dental assistants and the support of professional organizations, such as the ADAA, has continued to shine a spotlight on the power of our abilities and will forever forge a smile on all those we come in contact with."

3rd District Trustee Fatima Oglesby-Morris, DA, RDH

Oglesby-Morris is founder of Hands On Dental Assistant Training in Potomac, Maryland. She also serves as a dental hygienist in a dental office in Maryland. "It's important to become a member of ADAA so that students, dental assistants, and the staff on the dental team have a strong foundation and are involved in their community," says Oglesby-Morris. "I am a firm believer in teamwork and the ADAA is a strong foundation to start your success in the dental profession."

4th District Trustee Kristy Eddleman, CDA

Eddleman has worked in dental assisting since 1972 and currently participates in workshop presentations to dental students, dental residency programs, and new dentists. She owns ProConnect Resources in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her work in private practice ranges from chairside assistant to main office administration. "Dentistry is my passion," she says. "I will do my best to bring my experience and integrity to the ADAA Board of Trustees."

8th District Trustee Darlene Mundt, CDA, BS

Mundt is a chairside dental assistant for multiple offices in Nebraska and is a registered lobbyist for the Nebraska Dental Assistants Association. She has served as 8th District Trustee since 2013. "I believe it is vital for ADAA to step up and do more face-to-face projects and promote the profession not only to outsiders but to the dental assistants themselves," says Mundt. 'There must be an increase in members with direct connection to the ADAA home office, the ADAA executive board, the ADAA trustees, and state and local associations. If we do not allow individuals to become involved, they will leave."

11st District Trustee Pro Tern Linette Schmitt, LDA, CDA, MADAA

Schmitt currently serves as a chairside dental assistant at Bassett Creek Dental in Golden Valley, Minnesota. "We need to continue to keep up with changes in the dental community and changes in procedures and duties dental assistants do every day. Our biggest challenge today is how to communicate with the new generation of dental assistants. With new talents, we can make an association that our new generation of dental assistants can be proud of."

Student Trustee Colleen Moonen , BA

A student in the CODA certified program at Manatee Technical College in Bradenton, Florida, Moonen has entered dental assisting as a second career. "I am a mature student who has worked in both business and education settings," she says. "I strongly believe all dental assistants should be certified because of the critical role we play in patient safety and care. I enrolled as a student member in the ADAA with two goals: professional growth and support of the profession through my membership and activities."
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