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ADAA 2004 delivering excellence in professional development for dental assistants.

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* Successful Impression Taking. First Time. Every Time.

* Oral Cancer Genetics: From Diagnosis to Treatment

* Helping the Beat Go On

New Offerings

* Power Toothbrushes: Everything You Need to Know to Make Informed Recommendations for Your Patients

* Specialized Dentistry

* Mercury in Dentistry-The Facts

* Direct Restorations: The Art of Shade Selection and Composite Layering


* Professional liability insurance in your name.

* Accidental death and dismemberment insurance--yours for the asking.

* Member discounts on ADAA educational seminars.

* Discounts on home study continuing education courses. NO GRADING FEE for members.

* A subscription to The Dental Assistant.

* Eligibility to participate in ADAA's Fellowship Program.

* Free CE in The Dental Assistant for members only (with nominal grading fee).

* Free resume posting on the Internet.


* Subscription to Dental Equipment & Materials magazine.

* Subscription to Linda Miles' newsletter Dynamic Data.

* Credit Card Programs.

* Medical, Life & Disability Plans for those who qualify.

* Travel & Hotel Discounts.


Only 48% of all Professional Associations provide group insurance programs to their members. Of the 48%: 74% Life 46% Professional Liability 72% Major Medical 60% Disability

Only 14% of all Professional Associations provide a credit card program for their membership.

Only 19% of all Professional Associations offer scholarship programs.

Only 30% of all Professional Associations employ staff personnel to monitor legislation.

To: Prospective Members From: Kay Mosley, CDA, President Re: An Invitation to Join Us

It's a pleasure to tell you about the American Dental Assistants Association ... the professional organization that represents all dental assistants: Business Office, General Chairside, Specialty Chairside, Educator, Sales Representative or Insurance Personnel.

Now in our 80th year, the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) continues to serve those who want to grow professionally.

Now more than ever, we need each other. Most of us don't have the time or resources in our personal lives to evaluate the quality or advantages of services and education, so ADAA does it for us:

* The Dental Assistant Journal published six times annually with free C.E. credits for members

* Posting of your resume on the Internet to help put you in touch with prospective employers

* Dental assisting professional liability insurance

* Free: $2,000 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance

* Access to group insurance programs such as major medical, disability, and term life. Available in most states to those qualified

* Member discounts on home study educational materials and ADAA seminars, free grading of exams (nonmembers pay)

* Credit card programs to those qualified that can include member loans

* Discounts on hotels, car rentals, our official travel agency and travel packages, too

* Discounts on educational programs and registration at our national convention and in many states

* Free subscriptions to Dental Equipment & Materials magazine and Linda Miles' newsletter Dynamic Data

But the best advantages and opportunities are intangible ... such as the value of interaction and support of colleagues, exchange of ideas in state and local ADAA organizations, building self-confidence, and professional awareness that enhances your future.

Please take the time to read about ADAA and its programs. I'm confident that you'll join us ... the people who make dental assisting a profession.

And as a gift to all who join, I'll send our ADAA golden member logo pin ... a small gift to thank you for helping to make us a successful professional organization.

Stick with us. We're going places!

2004 MEMBERSHIP Not valid after December 31, 2004

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* Membership includes a subscription to The Dental Assistant, $50,000 professional liability insurance, and $2,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

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Successful Impression Taking. First Time. Every Time.

One of the critical details of most dental procedures is the impression. Although CAD/CAM devices are available, most indirect restorations today are fabricated by a dental laboratory. A good impression duplicates the preparation details accurately, and allows the dental laboratory technician to provide a well-fitting, functional and aesthetic restoration. Learn financial considerations, material characteristics, tray selection, tissue management, impression-taking techniques, and infection control procedures.

#0303 (5 Hours) $45.00 ADAA Member $56.00 Nonmember

Power Toothbrushes: Everything You Need to Know to Make Informed Recommendations for Your Patients

Have you ever been overwhelmed with questions from your patients about powered toothbrushes? Feel like yon cannot keep abreast of the newest products on the market and their effectiveness? This course will describe the newest product information, safety, selection parameters, and patient instruction. Learn how to locate and use current research to make recommendations for your patients.

#0312 (3 Hours) $27.06 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Dental Implants: A Second Chance at Dental Health

Today's dental patients have the opportunity to actually acquire a third set of teeth. Dental implant therapy for replacing lost teeth has enabled patients to choose a treatment that is more lifelike--and often more beneficial--than other tooth-replacement options. With the increasing popularity of dental implants, the role of the dental assistant has become integral to delivering this type of treatment successfully. Now learn how you can help your patients and doctor enjoy the benefits of dental implant therapy. The course begins with a brief history of dental implants to help you understand how we got to where we are today and then moves into discussion of applications for using dental implants in everyday practice; benefits and risks; clinical protocol; and sterilization and handling. Offers a comprehensive overview designed exclusively for surgical and restorative assistants.

#0308 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

General Chairside Assisting: A Review for a National Chairside Exam

A review of the major aspects of general chairside assisting is found in this course. It includes the topics of collection and recording of clinical data, prevention and management of emergencies, chairside materials and procedures, laboratory materials and procedures, and dental instruments. It also presents information about patient education and oral health management, oral anatomy, oral pathology, pharmacology, anesthesia, dental specialties, and office operations. The course can serve as an aid for preparation for the Dental Assisting National Board's General Chairside Exam.

#0109 (24 hours) $85.00 ADAA Member $110.00 Nonmember

Fabrication of Provisional Crowns and Bridges

This course will give dental assistants the knowledge to fabricate provisional/temporary crowns and bridges. Includes information on materials, detailed instruction on numerous fabrication techniques, finishing, polishing and cementing procedures.

#9701 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Air Abrasion in Dentistry

Air Abrasion in Dentistry was first introduced almost 50 years ago, and the objective of this course is to familiarize the dental assistant with the history and applications of this dental procedure. Currently, new technology both in equipment and materials has revived interest in air abrasion. Our course introduces and explains both low and high pressure air abrasion procedures, their applications and common problems. A brief history of this method of treatment is included.

#9801 (1 Hour) $15.00 ADAA Member $22.00 Nonmember

Home Irrigation: An Evidence-Based Therapy

This course focuses on the effectiveness of home irrigation as an important self-care therapy. The module will cover the benefits of oral irrigation for gingivitis, periodontal maintenance and special needs patients, including those with implants, orthodontics and diabetes. Also covered will be the types of antimicrobial irrigants, selection of tips and how to properly use an oral irrigation device.

#0111 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

Pit and Fissure Sealants

The course explains the purpose of pit and fissure sealants, discusses current materials on the market and describes the indications and contraindications for sealant utilization. In addition, a variety of isolation and tooth preparation techniques are presented as well as methodology for effective sealant application.

#9703 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Alginate Impression and Diagnostic Study Model Techniques

Learn step-by-step procedures for taking alginate impressions. Discover alternatives for obtaining bite registrations. Ascertain various ways of creating study models. This comprehensive course combines theory with practical information to teach correct chairside and laboratory procedures and how to manipulate the dental materials involved. Highlights infection control including disinfection protocol, patient preparation, mixing techniques, alginate tray selection and preparation, use of adhesives, seating and removal of impression trays, inspection of impressions, bite registration techniques, gypsum, pouring casts, separating and trimming casts, and finishing and storage of models.

#0202 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Oral Health Maintenance of Dental Implants

Demand for dental implants is rising. Techniques have been improved and the benefits to patients have increased as well. Direct impact of oral hygiene maintenance by the patient will affect long-term prognosis and success of the implant(s). This one-hour course addresses the long-term maintenance requirements a patient should carry out to ensure a healthy peri-implant program. Contains excellent step-by-step procedures that can be suggested to patients while discussing both professional and home care maintenance.

#9802 (1 Hour) $15,00 ADAA Member $22.00 Nonmember


Helping the Beat Go On

The Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)--you've heard the name--you may have already seen one. But what does it really do and why? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

#0302 (1 Hour) $15.00 ADAA Member $22.00 Nonmember

Specialized Dentistry

Many dental procedures are complicated or unique. Advanced learning in the subject area may better qualify the practitioner to treat the patient. This course provides information on general dentistry, the different dental specialties and dental disciplines. This knowledge can better equip the dental assistant to communicate with the patient, insurance companies, laboratories, and medical offices.

#0305 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

Oral Cancer Genetics: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Understanding oral cancer genetics will aid the dental professional in the treatment rendered to their patients immediately following diagnosis, during treatment and postcancer treatment. Learn to recognize signs and symptoms, the effects various cancer treatments have on the oral cavity, and what you can do to ease patient discomfort.

#0311 (5 Hours) $45.00 ADAA Member $56.00 Nonmember

Carbonated Beverages--The Pouring Rights Dilemma

Learn why we are seeing an increase in soda drinking with children and how it is affecting dentistry today. Includes the harmful effects of soft drinks to enamel and supplies alternatives to soft drink consumption. Describes the "pouring rights" concepts, why schools are using it, and ways to combat the marketing methods used by soft drink companies on and off school grounds.

#0207 (1 Hour) $15.00 ADAA Member $22.00 Nonmember

Gingival Health--Periodontal Assessment

An introduction to finding, locating, and assessing periodontal diseases. Included is the importance of the initial examination, the recording of in-depth information in the patient record, and types of clinical evidence that can be found on radiographs. Also covered are the pitfalls involved with inaccurate sulcus depth readings, mobility and furcation classifications.

#0208 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

An Introduction to the Hospital Operating Room

A review of the basic hospital operating room procedures and protocol required when assisting the dentist in the hospital environment.

#9905 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Understanding Nicotine Addiction and Intervention Techniques for the Dental Professional

Health professionals have an ethical obligation to inform their patients about the hazards of tobacco use and to encourage tobacco users to stop. This course describes the physical effects of tobacco use and the nature of nicotine addiction. Teaches skills to help tobacco users become free of their addiction.

#0112 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Prevention and Management of Oral Complications of Cancer Treatment: The Role of the Oral Health Care Team

The useful information in this course was drawn from many impressive sources including the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research through its National Oral Health Information Clearinghouse, National Cancer Institute and others. Our course is presented especially for the dental assistant in clear. precise edited format. Clinical professionals and everyone in the field will welcome the insight into this vital subject.

#0006 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

Oral Brush Biopsies in Routine Dental Practice: The Role of the Dental Assistant

Intended to inform dental assistants about the value of early oral cancer detection and the role of all dental team members in pursuit of this goal. The course teaches, in detail, the use of OralCDx, the computer-assisted oral brush biopsy analysis. It includes background information on oral cancel patient management with regard to oral lesion evaluation, a description of OralCDx technique, and a discussion of the significance of test results.

#0007 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

The Dental Assistant's Management of Medical Emergencies

Improve your ability to plan for, manage and handle office medical emergencies as part of the dental team. Includes discussion of the importance of a thorough health history in dealing with medical emergencies, background information on emergencies, vitals and what should be included in office emergency equipment. Also provides scenarios of medical emergency situations and how to handle them.

#0206 (5 Hours) $45.00 ADAA Member $56.00 Nonmember

Understanding the Dangers and Health Consequences of Spit Tobacco Use

While per capita consumption of cigarettes continues to decline among adults and is leveling off in teenagers, spit tobacco consumption is on the rise. Even as the popularity of this known carcinogen reaches record levels among young people, spit tobacco use continues to get relatively little attention as a public health issue. The denial learn is in an ideal position to use the "teachable moments" that occur during a dental visit to counsel their patients on the dangers of tobacco use while supporting them in their cessation efforts.

#0010 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Non-member

Alternative Medicine in Dentistry

Defines terminology and recognizes nontraditional treatments used in conjunction with conventional dentistry. The course discusses spiritual and psychological treatments including imagery, relaxation, biofeedback, hypnosis, vitamin and mineral supplements and herbs in holistic dentistry. The dental phobic is also considered in relation to alternative dentistry.

#9904 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

Sports-Related Dental Injuries and Sports Dentistry

Participants learn about soft tissue injuries, jaw fractures, TMJ injuries and other problems related to sports injuries. Emergency treatment is discussed. Statistics relating to sports/dental injuries are presented as well as differentiating mouth guard types available and patterns of wearing by males and females, cultural differences and effect of peer pressure.

#9902 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

Geriatric Dentistry: Reviewing for the Present, Preparing for the Future

The physical and dental characteristics of aging are examined in this course that reviews medical conditions that affect preventive and restorative treatment, and offers a variety of resources for patients with xerostomia and physical disabilities. Understanding these concepts will better prepare you for interaction with this fast growing group of individuals.

#0108 (4 hours) $36.00 ADAA Member $50.00 Nonmember


Introduction to Basic Concepts in Dental Radiography

Prep for a National Radiology Exam! Included in this fact-filled course are all the basics needed to expose high quality radiographs. It is the best help you can get in prepping for your radiology exam. Learn how to:

* Promote radiation safety

* Identify and correct errors related to dental radiography procedures

* Apply infection control techniques to dental radiography procedures

* Process radiographic film

* Mount and label exposed radiographs

* Expose and evaluate dental radiographs

* Implement quality assurance procedures in dental radiography facilities

#0309 (18 Hours) $65.00 ADAA Member $85.00 Nonmember

Diseases of the Teeth and Jaws

Learn to recognize the radiographic appearance of dental caries, periodontal disease, periapical pathology and healing of extraction wounds. Also focuses on the appearance of conditions such as tooth and bone fractures, developmental anomalies and regressive changes of the teeth and developmental abnormalities of the skull and jaws.

#9009 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Dental Radiographic Pitfalls and Errors

Operator error is responsible for the majority of retakes of dental radiographs. Operator error can occur either while exposing or processing films, and is due to using incorrect or improper techniques. A routine for exposing and processing films using correct technique and maintenance of equipment is critical to maximizing the information obtained from dental radiographs while minimizing patient radiation exposure.

#0304 (4 Hours) $36.00 ADAA Member $50.00 Nonmember

Intraoral Radiographic Technique

When examined under proper conditions, diagnostic-quality intra-oral radiographs reveal evidence of disease that cannot be found in any other way. The course presents basic principles and concepts of intra-oral procedures. Includes discussion of proper techniques for bitewing radiography as well as the use of paralleling and bisecting angle techniques.

#0205 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Radiation Physics, The Dental X-Ray Machine and Diagnostic Imaging Theory

Provides information on the history of dental radiography and describes characteristics of radiation, production of X-rays, components of the dental X-ray machine and X-ray interaction with matter. Outlines basic principles and concepts of image casting theory, factors affecting the diagnostic image and principles involved in alternative imaging modalities.

#9002 (6 Hours) $49.00 ADAA Member $66.00 Nonmember

Radiation Biology, Safety and Protection for Today's Dental Assistant

This summary demonstrates how the study of radiation biology began and how radiation safety and protection measures evolved from early research efforts to formally established organizations that examine leading scientific thought and provide guidance and recommendations on radiation protection and measurement. The subsequent information will provide an overview of radiation biology and the safety and protection measures that the dental assistant can implement to reduce radiation exposure to dental patients and minimize occupational exposure.

#0209 (5 Hours) $45.00 ADAA Member $56.00 Nonmember


Maintaining Proper Dental Records

To maintain complete and accurate records is a sign of quality care and an integral part of our patient responsibilities. Critical working knowledge and the background needed to maintain the patient's chart are included. Guidelines for minimizing exposure to legal risk, HIPAA, procedures for correcting an entry, and other areas of vital patient record concern are detailed.

#0307 (1 Hour) $15.00 ADAA Member $22.00 Nonmember

Basic Concepts of Dental Practice Management

This course is designed for the dental business assistant as an overview of the fundamental skills needed to successfully implement basic business concepts, including office design and arrangement, appointment management, telecommunications, financial transactions, insurance management, recall, and inventory.

#0106 (5 hours) $45.00 ADAA Member $56.00 Nonmember

Advanced Dental Practice Management Concepts

This course is for the dental assistant whose primary responsibility is managing the dental office. It provides an overview of common tasks often performed by a dental office manager including decision-making skills; hiring, orienting and supervising employees; and assisting in maintaining business office functions while integrating current technology into the practice.

#0107 (3 hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

The Dental Assistant's Role in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

Orofacial injuries resulting from child abuse or neglect should be easy to identify in the dental setting. However, many in dentistry have historically been unable or unwilling to properly identify these injuries. The steps in dealing with conditions due to abuse or neglect are simple to learn and even easier to incorporate into the dental practice.

#0009 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Introduction to Computerized Dental Systems

Provides an overview of the functions available to enhance today's dental practice via computerization. Emphasis is placed on choosing a computerized dental system that meets office needs. Highlights computerization of patient accounts, appointment scheduling, insurance processing, billing and management reports. Also includes data entry and retrieval, computer terminology and system management.

#0203 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Designing a Comprehensive Health History

A guideline for designing or updating medical and dental history forms for any dental practice. The course emphasizes risk management and optimum patient care. Learn the basic components of a patient medical history including: legal, ethical and treatment-related items that must be included on a health history from; requirements for confidentiality and updates of information. Specific suggestions are included for screening patients for tuberculosis, following CDC guidelines; treatment protocols for patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other potentially life-threatening conditions.

#0301 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember


Medications as Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease

As our population ages, increased numbers of patients will be using a variety of medications. These medications may benefit the general health of a patient, but consideration must also be given to the impact of these agents, both prescription and over-the-counter, on gingivitis and periodontitis. The risk factors associated with the use of various types of medication and periodontal disease are discussed.

#0210 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

The Importance of Pharmacology in Dental Care

Pharmacology for dental assistants is an overview of medications, their uses in treating patients and common side effects and contraindications that must be considered when taken or prescribed. The course reviews various types of drugs by classification and action. Other topics are prescription writing, federal control and use of drug references. An excellent learning tool as well as a reference for dental assistants.

#9805 (5 Hours) $45.00 ADAA Member $56.00 Nonmember


Mercury in Dentistry--The Facts

This course offers an excellent summary of the most recent information and recommendations on the use of mercury in dental restorations. Included is information relative to the patient and the dental team. Includes policy statements from leading dental organizations and governmental agencies.

#0306 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $38.00 Nonmember

Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Sedation: An Update on Biohazard Issues

Course discusses research and inaccuracies in past research on unscavenged gas and exposure levels, and aids the participant in identifying threshold limits and biologic effects associated with nitrous oxide. Methods of detection and assessment of trace gas and how to minimize levels in an outpatient setting are also addressed.

#9901 (2 Hours) $22.00 ADAA Member $32.00 Nonmember

Toxic Waste and the Dental Assistant

A realistic look at how serious mercury pollution has become, its major sources and the role dental offices play in contributing to the problem. Proper disposal of amalgam waste is discussed and the current technology of amalgam separating units. The dental assistant's role in preventing mercury contamination is highlighted.

#9903 (1 Hour) $15.00 ADAA Member $22.00 Nonmember

Hazard Communication & Hazardous Waste Regs

Confusion regarding what must be done to comply with various regulations for hazardous materials often frustrates dental professionals who wish to comply with requirements. This course outlines and defines the OSHA Hazard Communication Rule and associated hazardous waste regulations. Development of written policies and procedures, proper documentation and training requirements are detailed. Checklists and resources assist the dental professional in ensuring that they have a thorough understanding of the necessary components for a complete chemical safety program. Course helps the busy professional determine just what must he done to ensure safe handling and disposal of chemicals used in the dental office.

#9804 (3 Hours) $27.00 ADAA Member $39.00 Nonmember


Basic Training I for New Dental Office Staff

Staff training is interesting and informative with this binder-style, 105-page book from the American Dental Association. New employees learn the basics of clinical practice and the business side of dentistry. Topics include: the dental team, customer service, appointment control, the dental record, coding and claims, infection control and OSHA, billing and collections, patient education, dental anatomy and terminology.

A self-test accompanies the book and will be graded by the ADAA. Four hours of CE credit are awarded for a successful test. A certificate of completion is provided.

ADA-1 Workbook: $49.95 ADAA Member $74.95 Nonmember Updated CD-ROM: $59.95 ADAA Member $89.95 Nonmember Book and CD-ROM: $99.95 ADAA Member $149.95 Nonmember

4-CE Hours with test completion. Submit test fee along with exam: $10.00 ADAA Member (test fee) $20.00 Nonmember

Basic Training II for New Clinical Personnel

This binder-style training manual continues the series by the American Dental Association. Clinical staff will get a refresher on current, more in depth information on topics such as: charting; presenting patient education concepts; mixing dental materials; working with common medications used in dentistry; and preparing for dental office emergencies. In addition, high-tech tools and equipment are discussed; examples of radiographs and dental history forms are featured; and numerous dental armamentaria and instruments are described in detail and presented with photos.

A self-test accompanies the book and will be graded by the ADAA. Five hours of CE credit are awarded for a successful test. A certificate of completion is provided.

ADA-2 Workbook: $59.95 ADAA Member $89.95 Nonmember Updated CD-ROM: $59.95 ADAA Member $89.95 Nonmember Book and CD-ROM: $99.95 ADAA Member $149.95 Nonmember

5-CE Hours with test completion. Submit test fee along with exam: $10.00 ADAA Member (test fee) $20.00 Nonmember

Basic Training III for Dental Administrative Personnel

The newest addition to the staff training series by the American Dental Association discusses a wide range of contemporary issues relevant in today's dental environment--from appealing to time-crunched patients who don't always understand their dental benefit plans to cost-effective ordering for dental office supplies and inventory. Administrative team members will sharpen their skills in patient relations and scheduling, dental insurance filing and coding, government regulations and laws, collecting payments, office correspondence and marketing. Also included are helpful appendices such as Common Dental Office Letters and Dental Insurance Contract Language.

A self-test accompanies the book and will be graded by the ADAA. Five hours of CE credit are awarded for a successful test. A certificate of completion is provided.

ADA-3 Workbook: $59.95 ADAA Member $89.95 Nonmember Updated CD-ROM: $59.95 ADAA Member $89.95 Nonmember Book and CD-ROM: $99.95 ADAA Member $149.95 Nonmember

5-CE Hours with test completion. Submit test fee along with exam: $10.00 ADAA Member (test fee) $20.00 Nonmember

Basic Training: A Video Introduction to Dental Assisting

This video from the American Dental Association is a wonderful introduction to chairside dental assisting. It takes you through a typical day for a chairside assistant beginning with the morning meeting, cleaning and setting up the treatment room, ergonomics and motion economy, and responsibilities during procedures. The video addresses patient interaction, including greeting patients, taking blood pressure and reviewing medical and dental histories, handpieces and dental instruments. Types of X-rays and their machines and procedures, anesthetics, rubber dams, study models, and safety procedures and infection control are emphasized.

A self-test accompanies the book and will be graded by the ADAA. Two hours of CE credit are awarded for a successful test. A certificate of completion is provided.

ADA Video VHS or DVD $125.00 ADAA Members $187.50 Nonmember

2-CE Hours with test completion. Submit test fee along with exam: $10.00 ADAA Member (test fee) $20.00 Nonmember

Dam-It, It's Easy(SM)

ADAA is pleased to offer the famous Coltene/Whaledent Video Workbook Program for home or office. Master the techniques of dental dam placement. Learn to apply dams for the following procedures:

* Endodontic Therapy

* Restorative Dentistry (Posterior teeth)

* Composite Bonding (Anterior teeth)

Learn the techniques that expedite dental dam placement:

* Wedjets(R) Stabilizing Cord-A clampless technique

* Simple guidelines for clamp/retainer selection

* Winged Technique--Quick and easy dam placement

* Modified Winged Technique--The wingless alternative

* Loop Technique--Management of tight contacts

CWD-1 2 hours CE Credit

$40.00 plus shipping (Coltene/Whaledent requires a $5.00 fee for grading the test)


Hepatitis: What Every Healthcare Worker Needs to Know

This course provides an overview of Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E with a special emphasis on the bloodborne viruses. An explanation of modes of transmission, epidemiology and prevention of these potentially life-threatening infections is presented in a clear and informative manner. Know which hepatitis viruses may pose a risk in the dental healthcare setting and important precautions for prevention of the spread of hepatitis, including the latest vaccine recommendations, infection control precautions, and post-exposure management.

#0212 (4 Hours) $36.00 ADAA Member $50.00 Nonmember

Infection Control in the Dental Office: A Review for a National Infection Control Exam

This course will cover all aspects of infection control for the dental office setting, and can serve as an aid for preparation for the DANB Infection Control Exam. A discussion of infectious diseases is presented, including the topics of basic microbiology, defenses against diseases, disease transmission, and various infections diseases encountered in the dental office. It also presents information about immunizations, patient medical histories, application of universal precautions, personal protective equipment, and handwashing. Infection Control guidance and regulatory agencies will be discussed, including OSHA and its Hazard Communication Standard and Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. The course will also present procedures for cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of dental equipment and instruments, as well as pretreatment, laboratory, and radiography infection control protocol.

#0008 (12 Hours) $55.00 ADAA Member $75.00 Nonmember

Management of HIV/AIDS Patients in Dental Practice

Since the first reported outbreaks of HIV/AIDS, great strides have been made in the treatment of disease-related opportunistic infections, neoplasms and neurological disorders. Combined use of multiple antiviral agents and preventive treatment for pregnant women has increased the number of infected persons living longer and seeking regular dental care. This disease continues to devastate countries in Africa and Southeastern Asia and has increased significantly in China and Russia. In the United States, high-risk groups have started to reject prevention schemes. Learn the consequences for today's modern dental practice.

00204 (4 Hours) $36.00 ADAA Member $50.00 Nonmember

Prevention of Disease Transmission in the Dental Office

Presents the fundamentals of infection control. Includes discussion of basic microbiology, modes of transmission of infectious diseases, immunizations, and application of universal precautions. Delineates proper dental office procedures for surface decontamination and instrument sterilization; methods of sterilization and monitoring; appropriate personal protective equipment and workplace controls; and equipment features and office design. Also discusses laboratory asepsis, how to set up an effective sterilization area, and product selection and usage.

#0201 (5 Hours) $45.00 ADAA Member $56.00 Nonmember

Offerings from Linda Miles

Dynamic Dentistry: Practice Management Tools and Strategies for Breakthrough Success

Over 200 pages of practice power by Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC Corporate Executive Office of Linda L. Miles & Associates.

And here's a dynamic duet of benefits for you, your team members and the entire practice. Not only are we offering Linda Miles' new book, but in addition to the wealth of management information inside, it also contains a coupon for a free six-month trial membership in the ADAA. And for those who are already members, the self-assessment test in the book is graded free and provides 5 CEUs. Nonmembers (including those who join with the free trial membership) pay $25 for test grading. And as a special attraction for those who support the ADAA, Linda L. Miles & Associates will make a contribution to the ADAA for every book sold.

Take a look at the vital topics covered in this comprehensive administrative treasure:

* Dynamic Communication: First Step of a Successful Practice

* Patient Communication: 8 Phases of the Patient's Visit

* Dynamic Staffing: How To's of Interviewing, Hiring and Training Employees

* Scheduling Success

* Reducing No-Shows & Broken Appointments

* Emergency Patients Are Great Practice Builders

* Collections and Insurance

* Preventive Care and Your Recare System

* Dynamic Practice guidelines

* Marketing Suggestions for GPs and Specialists

* The Grand Finale: "This Could Be the Start of Something Big"

Also included is a helpful appendix.

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ADAA Videotape: Your Future in Dental Assisting A video program that works well with both young people and mature audiences alike as it introduces the potential dental assistant to the wide variety of choices available in dental assisting as a career. Through dramatization in real world situations, the viewer is led through both clinical and business opportunities that may be pursued. Excellent medium for career day presentations either accompanying a speaker or for independent use in a booth or display area. Approximate time: 10 minutes.

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The audiocassette course includes an audiocassette and a written study guide. Additional study guides may be purchased for $17 members/$22 nonmembers. Both the audiocassette and the study guide are necessary to complete the course.

The Dental Auxiliary's Role in Pain & Anxiety Control Coarse provides background information to better understand the prevalence, causes and signs of dental anxiety as well as techniques used to reduce the anxiety.

#AC-1-84 (3 Hours) $28.00 ADAA Member $39.00 Nonmember

Patient Management in Pediatric Dentistry

Children represent a high percentage of patients who undergo dental treatment. This course identifies patterns of behavioral development, examines common reactions of young patients in the dental

setting and focuses on management techniques dental personnel can utilize when treating children.

#AC-1-88 (3 Hours) $28.00 ADAA Member $39.00 Nonmember


Direct Restorations: The Art of Shade Selection and Composite Layering

This informative program details the art of creating natural looking direct composite restorations by layering difrent opacities and shades of composite material. It demonstrates how multiple layers of composite can be used without adding significant time to a procedure, and highlights the esthetic results that can be achieved using direct restorative techniques.

#CD-1-03 (4 Hours) $40.00 ADAA Member* $52.00 Nonmember*

Clinical Procedures in Fixed Prosthodontics This interactive learning CD-ROM developed by 3M ESPE takes the dental professional step-by-step through the basics of the crown and bridge procedure. Navigation through the programs is by procedure: diagnosis, preparation, impression, provisional and final restoration.

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Sensitivity in Dentistry

Sensitivity in dentistry is a widely discussed topic today, and this interactive CD-ROM developed by 3M ESPE covers theories and background information, diagnosing pain. postoperative sensitivity associated with direct and indirect restorations, cervical dentin sensitivity, and sensitivity and vital tooth bleaching. This course is recommended for the experienced assistant.

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* CD courses are self contained. No workbook is needed. A printed lest is included and must be returned by mail for grading and credit.


Returns and Exchanges

If you are not completely satisfied with your ADAA product, simply return it within 30 days, with your reason for return, and let us know if you want a replacement, refund or an exchange. Materials must be received in salable condition and shipping prepaid. Upon return, an $8.00 charge will be assessed per order for restocking and handling. On orders of three or more courses, there will be a charge of $11.00 assessed.

If material you receive is damaged or incorrect, please contact our office within 30 days for a replacement.


All prices listed in this catalog are effective December 1, 2003. Illinois residents must add 8.75% sales tax to the total amount of the order. Prices are subject to change without notice. If this occurs, any necessary adjustments will be made to your order.

Shipping Information

Please allow 2-4 weeks for normal shipment. Rush orders cannot be accepted. Make check or money order payable to American Dental Assistants Association, 35 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1730, Chicago, IL 60601, Attention: Division of Education. Charge your order by fax at 312-541-1496 or call 312-541-1550, ext. 211 (8:30 am-4:30 pm, CT).

Foreign Orders

All foreign orders must be paid in U.S. currency. Additional shipping charges will be applicable to destinations outside the U.S. An invoice will be sent for the additional postage and the order will be shipped when remittance is received.


Continuing Education Credits

All ADAA courses are approved for continuing education credits by the Dental Assisting National Board* and most state agencies requiring dental assisting education. (Check with your state board if you have any questions.)

"DANB Approval" indicates that a continuing education course appears to meet certain specifications as described in the DANB Recertification Guidelines. DANB does not, however, endorse or rccommend any particular continuing education course and is not responsible for the quality of any course content.

The ADAA is designated as a nationally approved sponsor by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this sponsor are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry. The current term of approval extends from 04/10/1992 to 05/31/2007.


Only tests for courses currently produced by the ADAA will be accepted for grading. Due to revision and updating of courses, we recommend that the courses be taken within a year of purchase. Only the original answer sheet will be accepted for grading--no photocopies allowed. All ADAA nonmembers must submit a test processing fee of $10.00 with each test. There is no fee for ADAA members.

* Dental Practice Management courses are not approved for credit by the California Board of Dental Examiners.
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