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ACUTA membership shows it's alive; ADCU, CMA merge.

The membership spirit at ACUTA (the Association of College and University Telecomm Administrators) is alive and well. While elections for many user groups are dull anointings of a pre-chosen slate with all the excitement of a Russian ballot, ACUTA had two people running for vice president this year and three-yes, three--going for the treasurer's spot.

Not only does this show a lot of spirit, but it bodes well for the future as members get on the leadership ladder.

New officers elected for next year include: President Coleman Burton, University of Missouri; Executive VP Patricia Searles, Cornell; VP Randy Collett, Central Missouri State; Secretary David O'Neill, Washington State; Treasurer Robert Aylward, University of Wyoming.

Record attendance of 460 members packed the San Francisco meeting. Coming off weak attendance in the past few years (due mainly to tightening state budgets and travel embargoes), ACUTA positioned itself well for the rest of the 1990s.

Del Combs, executive director, noted ACUTA's challenge to address the needs of a diverse group--ranging from small schools to major universities, from top managers to technical staff. The group's "Futures Report" details much of the outlook for ACUTA. It's a great study, and the idea could be copied profitably by other groups.

Is ACUTA going international? Not by design, but the membership is taking on a flavor beyond North America. This follows closely the move by CHEMA (Council of Higher Education Management Association) to branch out to Europe.

Although the first overseas member was American University in Lebanon, representatives from Australia (Michael Tkacz, Curtin University of Technology) and New Zealand (Kim Longdin-Prisk, University of Auckland) have joined and Combs sees more growth. Right now such members are put in the regional chapter closest to them. Plans call for those colleges to pool resources and send one member each year to the meetings.

Members planning to file RFPs, asking questions on a particular program, or wanting to compare budgets should contact Kevin Adkins who has put together a great cross-reference directory.

In 1996 ACUTA will return to Chicago for the first time in 25 years. It was founded there, but the annual meeting never returned.

ADCU folds into CMA

Members of the Association of Data Communications Users (ADCU) dissolved the corporation in a special meeting in late August.

The Communications Managers Association (CMA) agreed to accept all ADCU members and give them free tuition at CMA events through mid--1993. One ADCU member will sit on the CMA says it will continue to expand the data portions of its programs, building on ADCU's strength in that area.

We wish the best of luck to Augie Blegen, ADCU's executive director and long-time Communications News columnist, as he pursues other interests.

ICA helps Europeans

The International Communications Association is donating $20,000 toward training Eastern European educators in the establishment of university TeleCommerce Research Centers. Funds will be used in five countries: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Rumania and Bulgaria.

Six educators from that area will be invited to attend the 1993 ICA conference in Dallas May 16-20, 1993.

"A sound telecomm infrastructure is a national priority of these five countries and is required to be competitive in a global economy," says ICA President Jane Videtich. "The ICA Foundation is committed to furthering telecomm education and research. Now the time is right to reach beyond U.S. universities to assist educational centers around the world."

Around the circuit

Henry S. Grove has been elected president of the International Teleconferencing Association. Grove, senior vice president at Peirce-Phelps, Philadelphia, will head the group dedicated to growth and development of teleconferencing. He's also active in ICA and was elected to ITCA's Hall of Fame in 1991.

Where do consultants go to become so wise? To the Society of Telecomm Consultants 32nd annual conference being held this month at the Pointe Hilton in Phoenix. Topics of interest include high-speed network services, 800 number portability, multi--media messaging, and wireless communications.

Roger Underwood has been involved in telecomm for over 35 years as a corporate telecomm manager, association leader (president of ICA, charter director of TCA), and advisor and liaison to the Telecommunications Association Council and supplier communities. Contact him with association news at his new address: 1085 Fox Canyon Lane, Suite 16, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420; 805-481-8016.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our updated conference schedule will appear in an upcoming issue.
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