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ActionBase, Tel Aviv, Israel a pioneer in human process management solutions (HPMS), has announced ActionBase for Microsoft SharePoint, expanding Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) with unstructured process management capabilities. ActionBase for SharePoint extends SharePoint functionality to support unstructured, human processes and to act as a system of record for all process-related items. It tracks and links group collaborative process-related activities and documents within the SharePoint group site and provides management and status reports on organizations' unstructured, human processes. ActionBase offers out-of-the-box MOSS-based human process management applications for working groups in audit, compliance, investigations, claims, fraud, contract management and for corporate decision management.

Eighty percent of human-driven work in organizations consists of ad-hoc, unstructured processes executed via e-mail and documents. ActionBase for SharePoint tracks and links group collaborative process-related activities and documents within a SharePoint group site and provides management and status reports on organizations' unstructured, human interactions.

ActionBase for Office allows process stakeholders to work on single views of their own processes and allows all process participants to be synchronized by using ActionMail (ActionBase's collaborative e-mail). The new ActionBase for SharePoint offering expands ActionBase for Office capabilities and enables the creation, tracking and monitoring of process within a single MOSS site, thus creating an ad hoc, unstructured group collaboration process where all participants' activities are jointly presented and managed together under one MOSS site. ActionBase for SharePoint acts as a consolidated audit trail for all process-related updates, documents and related actions, thus extending MOSS capabilities - adding unstructured process management to MOSS's native structured workflow capabilities. Management teams can immediately benefit from the full visibility and tracking of those processes, and all participants can stay in sync.

ActionBase for SharePoint extends MOSS with the ability to manage the under-the-radar business processes that currently take place in e-mail - allowing SharePoint groups to directly access process-related information; provide process analytics; key performance indicators (KPIs) dashboards; group statistical reports of ongoing unstructured, human processes within the group; and cross-organizational graphical reports of historical processes.

"Extending SharePoint's content and workflow with human process management capabilities opens up tremendous opportunities for companies to manage their group collaboration around ad-hoc, unstructured human processes improve process efficiency and performance with lower cost and increased customer satisfaction," said Eyal Maor, CEO of ActionBase "Organizations will no longer need to choose between the flexibility of e-mail for reviewing the follow-up around team project and process activity, and the inflexibility of structured prebuilt processes. With ActionBase for SharePoint, teams can continue to use their familiar e-mail as their primary execution environment for unstructured processes, while collaboratively working on all group-related activities and processes within their SharePoint sites."

ActionBase is offering <> a free trial, tailored to overcome specific regulatory, auditing and organizational challenges, to help businesses effectively track and control internal processes.

About ActionBase

ActionBase is a leading provider of Human Process Management Solutions. ActionBase addresses business' ongoing need to follow up and track to completion the execution of multipart human-centric processes. ActionBase provides full visibility and control over dynamic and unstructured processes that were otherwise managed via plain documents and email correspondence. ActionBase is used by Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide - more than 150 large organizations like e-On, Orange, Texas Instruments, Amdocs and more are using ActionBase to manage their business critical processes, where follow up is essential. ActionBase is active in utilities, oil and gas, financial services, insurance and telecom industries.

For more information, visit or call 617/236-0500, ext. 13.
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Date:Dec 29, 2009

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