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February 8, 2001 -- The Senate will soon consider the McCain-Feingold "campaign finance re-form" legislation that would severely restrict the right of NRLC and other pro-life groups to communicate with the public about the actions of those who hold or seek federal office.

It is important for all senators to receive communications on this issue. It is particularly important that Republican senators receive letters and calls in opposition to the McCain-Feingold bill.

All available means of activating grassroots networks should be utilized to galvanize citizen activity on this issue, including telephone trees, church bulletins, call-ins to appropriate radio talk shows, and letters to the editor of local newspapers.

The information below provides basic information. For further information and updates on this and other federal issues, see the NRLC web site at under "Federal Legislation."

McCain-Feingold Bill

On January 22, Senators John McCain (R-Az.) and Russell Feingold (D-Wi.) introduced the latest version (S. 27) of their omnibus "reform" bill.

The Senate is scheduled to take up the McCain-Feingold bill in the last half of March.

Like earlier versions, S. 27 contains multiple restrictions on free speech about politicians. The restrictions include pre-election restrictions on broadcast "issue ads" and other restrictions that apply year-round to both print and broadcast communications. The bills also restrict the ability of groups such as NRLC to directly lobby elected officials regarding pending legislation. (See "Is McCain's Motto `Do As I Say, Not As I Do'?" by Douglas Johnson, on page 6 of this issue.)

Such restrictions, if enacted, would further enhance the power of the institutional news/entertainment media to control what citizens are told about right-to-life issues and about the actions of federal politicians on those issues.

Please encourage letters and calls to all U.S. senators - - especially Republicans and newly elected Democrats. Urge them "to oppose the McCain-Feingold bill and any other campaign reform bill that would restrict the right of citizen groups to spend money on ads or publications that comment on the positions of politicians on specific issues."

How to Contact Your Senators

The mailing address for all U.S. senators is:

Senator ________________

U.S. Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

All senators' offices may be telephoned through the Capitol Switchboard, 202-224-3121. In addition, calls to senators' in-state offices are particularly helpful.

Another Way You Can Help

Please send a copy of any letter received from a senator or any report in your local press regarding the position of one of your senators on this issue to:

National Right to Life/Federal Legislative Office

419-Seventh Street, Northwest

Suite 500

Washington, D.C. 20004

Fax: (202) 347-3668

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