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Crinetics provides data from Paltusotine, ACTH antagonist development programs. Sep 4, 2020 342
Intramuscular Short-term ACTH Test for the Determination of Adrenal Function in Children: Safe, Effective and Reliable. Ozsu, Elif; Siklar, Zeynep; Bilici, Esra; Ceran, Aysegul; Uyanik, Rukiye; Cetin, Tugba; Aycan, Zehra Sep 1, 2020 3689
Antidepression and Prokinetic Effects of Paeoniflorin on Rats in the Forced Swimming Test via Polypharmacology. Mu, Dao-zhou; Xue, Mei; Xu, Jian-jun; Hu, Ying; Chen, Yi; Ren, Ping; Huang, Xi Jul 31, 2020 5776
A Natural Compound Mixture Containing Arctigenin, Hederagenin, and Baicalein Alleviates Atopic Dermatitis in Mice by Regulating HPA Axis and Immune Activity. Nguyen, Ly Thi Huong; Oh, Tae-Woo; Nguyen, Uy Thai; Choi, Min-Jin; Yang, In-Jun; Shin, Heung-Mook Jul 31, 2020 6702
Effect of Hirsutella sinensis Fungus on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Lewis Rats with Kidney-Yang Deficiency Syndrome. Zhang, Lizong; Lang, Jiali; Jin, Lu; Jin, Lushuai; Cao, Beibei; Shao, Xia; Fang, Mingsun; Cai, Yueqi Jun 30, 2020 5446
Microgravity versus Microgravity and Irradiation: Investigating the Change of Neuroendocrine-Immune System and the Antagonistic Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula. Zhu, Haoru; Zhang, Lin; Qian, Meng; Shi, Tuo; Fan, Fangxin; Li, Wenfei; Zhu, Sitai; Xie, Ming Jun 30, 2020 6243
Gastrodiae Rhizoma Water Extract Ameliorates Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Hyperactivity and Inflammation Induced by Chronic Unpredictable Mild Stress in Rats. Wang, Min; Dong, Wanrui; Wang, Ruiying; Xu, Xudong; Wu, Ying; Sun, Guibo; Sun, Xiaobo Jun 30, 2020 4222
ACTH Treatment for Management of Nephrotic Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Reappraisal. Chakraborty, Ronith; Mehta, Arul; Nair, Nikhil; Nemer, Lena; Jain, Rahul; Joshi, Hirva; Raina, Rupes Jun 30, 2020 10917
Neurocrine: Phase II crinecerfont study showed reductions in key biomarkers. Jun 8, 2020 186
A Rare Case of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia with Giant Adrenal Myelolipoma. Longoria-Dubocq, Texell; Torres-Aguiar, Roberto; Ruiz-Vega, Karla; Ayala-Hillmann, Rafael De; Lopez- Estudio de caso Jun 1, 2020 1582
A Novel Missense Mutation in Human Receptor Roundabout-1 (ROBO1) Gene Associated with Pituitary Stalk Interruption Syndrome. Liu, Ziqin; Chen, Xiaobo Jun 1, 2020 3192
Pre- and Postoperative Health Status of Patients with Nonfunctioning and Secretory Pituitary Adenomas and an Analysis of Related Factors. Zhang, Yi; Guo, Xiaopeng; Wang, Lijun; Guo, Jinzhu; Zhao, Haiyan; Sun, Shuang; Sun, Yanxia; Xu, Dong May 31, 2020 7115
From ACTH-Dependent to ACTH-Independent Cushing's Syndrome from a Malignant Mixed Corticomedullary Adrenal Tumor: Potential Role of Embryonic Stem Cells. Ramirez-Renteria, Claudia; Espinosa-De-Los-Monteros, Ana Laura; Etual, Espinosa-Cardenas; Marrero-Ro May 31, 2020 6158
Mallinckrodt publishes findings from Phase 4 Acthar Gel study. Apr 15, 2020 458
Identifying Physiological Stress Biomarkers for Prediction of Pork Quality Variation. Cobanovic, Nikola; Stankovic, Sanja Dj; Dimitrijevic, Mirjana; Suvajdzic, Branko; Grkovic, Nevena; V Apr 1, 2020 12951
Developmental Timing Determines the Protective Effect of Maternal Electroacupuncture on Perinatal Nicotine Exposure-Induced Offspring Lung Phenotype. Dai, Jian; Ji, Bo; Zhao, Guozhen; Lu, Yawen; Liu, Yitian; Mou, Qiujie; Sakurai, Reiko; Xie, Yana; Zh Mar 31, 2020 6143
Metastatic Small-Cell Lung Cancer Presenting as Primary Adrenal Insufficiency. Esperti, Shawn; Stoelting, Austen; Scibelli, Nicolina; Moccia, David; Patel, Dveet; Haughton, Michae Mar 31, 2020 2035
Mania as Debut of Cushing's Syndrome. Martinez, Ricardo Alvarez; Rodriguez, Rosa Maria Tome; Ariza, Maria Alvarez; Spuch, Carlos; Olivares Mar 31, 2020 1593
An Adrenocortical Carcinoma Associated with Non-Islet Cell Tumor Hypoglycemia and Aberrant ACTH Production. Dilrukshi, M.D.S.A.; Wickramarachchi, A.W.; Abeyaratne, D.D.K.; Shine, Brian; Jafar-Mohammadi, Bahra Mar 31, 2020 3269
Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes in Endogenous Cushing's Syndrome: A 15-Year Experience from Thailand. Parksook, Wasita Warachit; Laichuthai, Nitchakarn; Sunthornyothin, Sarat Mar 31, 2020 4566
Adrenal Adenoma Anarchy: A Case of an ACTH-Secreting Pheochromocytoma. Lee, Michelle N.; Wan, WingYee; Chormanski, Dianna C.; Kravchenko, Maria I. Mar 31, 2020 1923
ACTH Stimulation Induced Self-Mutilation Behavior in the Golden Conure (Guaruba guarouba). Sinhorini, Juliana Anaya; Pizzutto, Cristiane Schilbach; Palme, Rupert Report Mar 1, 2020 3430
Usefulness of a Kampo Medicine on Stress-Induced Delayed Gastric Emptying in Mice. Mogami, Sachiko; Arita, Ryutaro; Nahata, Miwa; Fujitsuka, Naoki; Takayama, Shin; Ishii, Tadashi Mar 1, 2020 5114
Growth and Adult Height during Human Growth Hormone Treatment in Chinese Children with Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency Caused by Pituitary Stalk Interruption Syndrome: A Single Centre Study. Wang, Fengxue; Han, Jinyan; Wang, Zengmin; Shang, Xiaohong; Li, Guimei Mar 1, 2020 5635
Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma with Paraneoplastic Cushing Syndrome. Pivovarova, Aleksandra I.; Patrick, Stephanie; Reddy, Punuru J. Dec 31, 2019 2064
Clinical Characteristics of 76 Patients with IgG4-Related Hypophysitis: A Systematic Literature Review. Li, Yujuan; Gao, Hua; Li, Zhen; Zhang, Xinxin; Ding, Yizhi; Li, Fengao Dec 31, 2019 6528
Hyperandrogenism, Elevated 17-Hydroxyprogesterone and Its Urinary Metabolites in a Young Woman with Ovarian Steroid Cell Tumour, Not Otherwise Specified: Case Report and Review of the Literature. Wong, Felix C.K.; Chan, Angela Z.; Wong, W.S.; Kwan, Angel H.W.; Law, Tracy S.M.; Chung, Jacqueline Nov 30, 2019 5577
Comparative evaluation of 30 and 60 minutes cortisol levels during short synacthen test for diagnosis of adrenal insufficiency. Alveena Younas, Asif Ali, Muhammad Asif Nawaz, Naveed Asif and Muhammad Tahir Khadim Nov 30, 2019 2202
Global Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) Market Spotlight 2019. Nov 4, 2019 632
Bilateral Adrenal Histoplasmosis. Porntharukchareon, Thachanun; Khahakaew, Sarin; Sriprasart, Thitiwat; Paitoonpong, Leilani; Snabboon Nov 1, 2019 708
An Intact ACTH LC-MS/MS Assay as an Arbiter of Clinically Discordant Immunoassay Results. Shi, Junyan; Dhaliwal, Pawan; Zheng, Yu Zi; Wong, Terry; Straseski, Joely A.; Cervinski, Mark A.; Sh Nov 1, 2019 5160
Electroacupuncture Regulates Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction by Decreasing Corticotropin-Releasing Factor in a Rat Model of IBS. Chen, Ying; Zhao, Yan; Luo, Dan-ni; Zheng, Hui; Li, Ying; Zhou, Si-yuan Oct 31, 2019 6066
Co-Occurrence of Exogenous and Endogenous Cushing's Syndromes--Dilemma in Diagnosis. Tong, Chin Voon; Rajoo, Subashini Oct 31, 2019 1484
Ectopic Cushing's Syndrome Unveiling a Metastatic Parotid Carcinoma. Oliveira, Sofia Castro; Neves, Joao Sergio; Souteiro, Pedro; Belo, Sandra; Oliveira, Ana Isabel; Mor Oct 31, 2019 3814
Morning cortisol as an alternative to Short Synecthan test for the diagnosis of primary adrenal insufficiency. Imran Ulhaq, Tauseef Ahmad, Adeel Khoja and Najmul Islam Oct 31, 2019 2553
Assertio Therapeutics says West receives CRL from FDA on cosyntropin NDA. Oct 21, 2019 167
Vigabatrin-Induced Encephalopathy in a 5.5-Month-Old Girl with Infantile Spasms due to Tuberous Sclerosis. Klinaki, Eleni; Argyri, Ioanna; Amountza, Georgia; Ioannidou, Gerina; Maritsi, Despoina; Garoufi, An Sep 30, 2019 1635
Adrenal Venous Sampling in Primary Aldosteronism: The Usefulness of Contralateral Suppression Index. Treistman, Natalia; Moraes, Aline Barbosa; Cozzolino, Stephanie; Teixeira, Patricia de Fatima dos Sa Sep 30, 2019 2318
Chronic Atypical Depression as an Early Feature of Pituitary Adenoma: A Case Report and Literature Review. Cardoso, Filipa; Azizi, Heela; Kilpatrick, Alexander; Olayinka, Olaniyi; Khan, Tasmia; Kahn, Alexa; Aug 31, 2019 5307
Cushing Syndrome Secondary to Primary Neuroendocrine Lung Carcinoma. Zaina, A.; Akinsola, O.; Rajamani, K. Disease/Disorder overview Aug 31, 2019 2098
Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Adds Two Assays To Its Developing TRUFORMA™ Companion Pet Biosensor Platform, Focused On 2020 Launch (NYSE American: ZOM) (TSX-V: ZOM). Aug 8, 2019 988
Salivary Cortisol Determination in ACTH Stimulation Test to Diagnose Adrenal Insufficiency in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis. Albert, Lara; Profitos, Joaquim; Sanchez-Delgado, Jordi; Capel, Ismael; Gonzalez-Clemente, Jose Migu Jul 31, 2019 6481
Crying and releasing emotion over your ex 'can help you lose weight'; It's only tears caused by 'real emotion' that has the effect, scientists have claimed. Jul 27, 2019 338
Ectopic ACTH Syndrome Emerging 5 Years after the Diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Tumor. Liu, Minghao; Hamele-Bena, Diane; Ausiello, John; Page-Wilson, Gabrielle Jun 30, 2019 3188
Pseudohypoadrenocorticism in a Siberian Husky with Trichuris vulpis Infection. Car, Stephanie; Croton, Catriona; Haworth, Mark Jun 30, 2019 2990
Challenges in diagnosis of disease reported 100 years back: Cushing syndrome; recent advances. Report Jun 30, 2019 1564
A Novel Homozygous CYP19A1 Gene Mutation: Aromatase Deficiency Mimicking Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in an Infant without Obvious Maternal Virilisation. Dursun, Fatma; Ceylaner, Serdar Jun 1, 2019 4070
Central and Peripheral Mechanism of Acupuncture Analgesia on Visceral Pain: A Systematic Review. Lee, In-Seon; Cheon, Soyeon; Park, Ji-Yeun May 31, 2019 13010
Relationship between saliva and blood cortisol in handled cows. Dzviti, Melody; Mapfumo, Lizwell; Muchenje, Voster May 1, 2019 5995
Interleukin-6 Producing Pheochromocytoma: A Rare Cause of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Cunha, Nelson Carvalho; Gomes, Leonor; Saraiva, Joana; Paiva, Isabel Apr 30, 2019 2398
Central Precocious Puberty as a Complication of Therapy with Adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) and an Aromatase Inhibitor for Refractory Nephrotic Syndrome. Agrawal, Sungeeta; Gensure, Robert; Milner, Lawrence; Nicoletta, Julie; Sadeghi-Nejad, Abdollah Apr 30, 2019 2247
Antistress Effects of San-Huang-Xie-Xin Decoction on Restraint-Stressed Mice Revealed by [sup.1]H NMR-Based Metabolomics and Biochemistry Analysis. Peng, Wei; Du, Huan; Liu, Guangli; Zhang, Qing; Kuang, Tingting; Wang, Zhang; Fan, Gang Apr 30, 2019 7444
Demographic Characteristics, Etiology, and Comorbidities of Patients with Cushing's Syndrome: A 10-Year Retrospective Study at a Large General Hospital in China. Zhou, Jingya; Zhang, Meng; Bai, Xue; Cui, Shengnan; Pang, Cheng; Lu, Lin; Pang, Haiyu; Guo, Xiaopeng Report Mar 31, 2019 7104
Glucocorticoid Receptor Antagonist Administration Prevents Adrenal Gland Atrophy in an ACTH-Independent Cushing's Syndrome Rat Model. Yasuda, Atsushi; Seki, Toshiro; Kametani, Yoshie; Koizumi, Masahiro; Kitajima, Natsumi; Oki, Masayuk Mar 31, 2019 5905
Intestinal Perforation in ACTH-Dependent Cushing's Syndrome. Shahidi, Mariam; Phillips, Richard A.; Chik, Constance L. Mar 31, 2019 5313
Biobehavioral Interactions Between Stress and Alcohol. Weera, Marcus M.; Gilpin, Nicholas W. Mar 22, 2019 5225
Neurocrine announces results from Phase II study evaluating NBI-74788. Mar 12, 2019 135
Adrenal hypoplasia congenita in identical twins. Amer, Alia M. Al; Rubaya, Khloud M. Al; Alzahrani, Ali S. Report Jan 1, 2019 2932
The Power of Steroids: These drugs can make a huge difference in your cat's quality of life, but they are not without drawbacks. Dec 1, 2018 786
Strongbridge Biopharma to present new data on levoketoconazole at ENS@T. Nov 20, 2018 264
The Power of Steroids: These drugs can make a huge difference in your dog's quality of life, hut they are not without drawbacks. Nov 1, 2018 863
Acute exercise inhibits gastric emptying of liquids in rats: influence of the NO-cGMP pathway. Cavalcante, A.K.M.; Siqueira, R.C.L.; Feitosa, V.N., Jr.; de Andrade, C.R.; Santos, A.A.; Silva, M.T Report Nov 1, 2018 6089
Allgrove syndrome: case report of 7 years old boy from Bahawalpur. Aug 31, 2018 1515
Are There Any Systemic Effects of the Intratympanic Administration of Dexamethasone?/Intratimpanik Deksametazonun Sistemik Etkisi Var mi? Senturk, Erol; Tugrul, Selahattin; Yildirim, Yavuz Selim; Dogan, Remzi; Eren, Sabri Baki; Ozturan, O Report Jul 1, 2018 2628
The Effect of Sedative Agents on Stress Hormones and High-Sensitive Troponin in Patients Catheterized by Permanent-tunnel Port Catheter/Kalici Tunelli Port Kateter Takilan Hastalarda Sedatif Ajanlarin Stress Hormonlari ve High Sensitif Troponin Uzerine Etkileri. Safi, Yilmaz; Yildirim, Cuma; Sen, Cem; Sabak, Mustafa; Nogay, Suleyman; Taysi, Seyithan; Ulusal, Ha Report Mar 1, 2018 6019
Plasma Steroid Metabolome Profiling for Diagnosis and Subtyping Patients with Cushing Syndrome. Eisenhofer, Graeme; Masjkur, Jimmy; Peitzsch, Mirko; Di Dalmazi, Guido; Bidlingmaier, Martin; Gruber Mar 1, 2018 7175
Pediatric Adrenal Insufficiency: Diagnosis, Management, and New Therapies. Bowden, Sasigarn A.; Henry, Rohan Jan 1, 2018 5779
Inhibitory Effects of a Novel PPAR-[gamma] Agonist MEKT1 on Pomc Expression/ACTH Secretion in AtT20 Cells. Parvin, Rehana; Noro, Erika; Saito-Hakoda, Akiko; Shimada, Hiroki; Suzuki, Susumu; Shimizu, Kyoko; M Jan 1, 2018 7967
Adrenal Insufficiency in Cystic Fibrosis: A Rare Phenomenon? Preville-Ratelle, Sebastien; Coriati, Adele; Menard, Aurelie; Bourdeau, Isabelle; Tremblay, Francois Jan 1, 2018 5296
Autoimmune Diseases in Patients with Cushing's Syndrome after Resolution of Hypercortisolism: Case Reports and Literature Review. Petramala, Luigi; Olmati, Federica; Conforti, Maria Gabriella; Concistre, Antonio; Bisogni, Valeria; Jan 1, 2018 5741
The Role of Uron and Chlorobenzene Derivatives, as Potential Endocrine Disrupting Compounds, in the Secretion of ACTH and PRL. Sepp, Krisztian; Laszlo, Anna M.; Molnar, Zsolt; Serester, Andrea; Alapi, Tunde; Galfi, Marta; Valku Jan 1, 2018 5471
Posaconazole-Induced Adrenal Insufficiency in a Case of Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia. Miller, Ann; Brooks, Lauren K.; Poola-Kella, Silpa; Malek, Rana Jan 1, 2018 2929
A Large PROP1 Gene Deletion in a Turkish Pedigree. Gorar, Suheyla; Turkkahraman, Doga; Yararbas, Kanay Jan 1, 2018 3184
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Secreting Pheochromocytoma Underlying Glucocorticoid Induced Pheochromocytoma Crisis. Geva, Gil A.; Gross, David J.; Mazeh, Haggi; Atlan, Karine; Ben-Dov, Iddo Z.; Fischer, Matan Jan 1, 2018 1890
A Case of Cushing's Syndrome due to Ectopic Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Secretion from Esthesioneuroblastoma with Long Term Follow-Up after Resection. Matheny, Leslee N.; Sarkar, Sudipa; Shi, Hanyuan; Hu, Jiun-Ruey; Harmsen, Hannah; Abel, Ty.W.; Jagas Jan 1, 2018 2403
Beyond the Dual Paraneoplastic Syndromes of Small-Cell Lung Cancer with ADH and ACTH Secretion: A Case Report with Literature Review and Future Implications. Agarwal, Krishna Adit; Soe, Myat Han Jan 1, 2018 4417
A New Model of Diarrhea with Spleen-Kidney Yang Deficiency Syndrome. Zhu, Jiajie; Liu, Shan; Guo, Yu; Hou, Liwei; Su, Xiaolan; Li, Yijie; Han, Boyu; Liu, Dengke; Wang, Q Jan 1, 2018 5039
Jinkui Shenqi Pills Ameliorate Asthma with "Kidney Yang Deficiency" by Enhancing the Function of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis to Regulate T Helper 1/2 Imbalance. Ji, Bing; Li, Yuan-yuan; Yang, Wei-ji; Zhang, Li-zong; Fang, Ming-sun; Fu, Hui- ying; Shou, Qi-yang Jan 1, 2018 4655
Sini Decoction Improves Adrenal Function and the Short-Term Outcome of Septic Rats through Downregulation of Adrenal Toll-Like Receptor 4 Expression. Lai, Fang; Zhou, Gengbiao; Mai, Shutao; Qin, Xiaolian; Liu, Wenting; Zhang, Yan; Xie, Dongping; Weng Jan 1, 2018 5339
Xiaoyao Kangai Jieyu Fang, a Chinese Herbal Formulation, Ameliorates Cancer-Related Depression Concurrent with Breast Cancer in Mice via Promoting Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity. Meng, Pan; Han, Yuanshan; Yang, Qin; Yang, Hui; Zhu, Qing; Lin, Xiaoyuan; Zhang, Xiuli; Zhao, Hongqi Jan 1, 2018 6300
Work Intensity, Low-Grade Inflammation, and Oxidative Status: A Comparison between Office and Slaughterhouse Workers. Zelzer, Sieglinde; Tatzber, Franz; Herrmann, Markus; Wonisch, Willibald; Rinnerhofer, Stefan; Kundi, Jan 1, 2018 4786
Single Bout Exercise in Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Impact on Inflammatory Markers. Emmanuelle, Rochette; Pascale, Duche; Christophe, Hourde; Bertrand, Evrard; Bruno, Pereira; Stephane Jan 1, 2018 3701
New Onset Hypertension and Diabetes in a 24 Year-Old Man. Smith, Elizabeth; Pisano, Catherine; Richards, Robert; DeSilva, Taniya; Lopez, Fred Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 1964
Developmental Programming of Capuchin Monkey Adrenal Dysfunction by Gestational Chronodisruption. Richter, Hans G.; Mendez, Natalia; Abarzua-Catalan, Lorena; Valenzuela, Guillermo J.; Seron-Ferre, M Jan 1, 2018 7462
AAA Syndrome, Case Report of a Rare Disease. Dec 31, 2017 2616
Latest Insights on the Etiology and Management of Primary Adrenal Insufficiency in Children. Guran, Tulay Report Dec 1, 2017 7944
Depomed and SlA!n Medicinal Holdings Agree to Asset Transactions. Nov 10, 2017 580
Depomed and SlA!n Medicinal Holdings Agree to Asset Transactions. Nov 10, 2017 590
A Case of Cushing's Syndrome in Pregnancy. Pourali, Leila; Vatanchi, Atiyeh Mohammadzade; Hamidi, Anahita Report Nov 1, 2017 1641
PRESENTACION DE TRES CASOS Y REVISION EN LA LITERATURA: SINDROME DE CUSHING. Garcia Botina, Hernan David; Lara Botina, Darwin Raul; Mauricio Sanchez, Fabio; Roman Gonzalez, Alej Jul 1, 2017 5159
Two Cases of Testicular Adrenal Rest Tumor (TART). Ozisik, Hatice; Yurekli, Banu Sarer; Simsir, Ilgin Yildirim; Altun, Ilker; Soyaltin, Utku; Guler, Ez Report Jun 1, 2017 374
POU1F1 and PROP1 Gene Mutations in 4 Cases of Combined Pituitary Hormone Deficiency. Akgun, Bilcag; Karademir, Zehra; Isik, Esra; Darcan, Sukran; Aykut, Ayca; Durmaz, Asude; Ozen, Samim Report Jun 1, 2017 344
Delayed Diagnosis of a 17-Hydroxylase/17,20-Lyase Deficient Patient Presenting as a 46,XY Female: A Low Normal Potassium Level Can Be an Alerting Diagnostic Sign. Camtosun, Emine; Siklar, Zeynep; Ceylaner, Serdar; Kocaay, Pinar; Berberoglu, Merih Clinical report Jun 1, 2017 3044
Non-Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in Childhood. Kurtoglu, Selim; Hatipoglu, Nihal Report Mar 1, 2017 5637
ANI names Karen Quinn PhD as VP, Corticotropin Regulatory Affairs. Jan 18, 2017 139
ANI names Karen Quinn PhD as VP, Corticotropin Regulatory Affairs. Jan 18, 2017 135
Psychological stress not tied to IVF outcomes. Karon, Amy Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 585
Depression and Anxiety Scores Are Associated with Amygdala Volume in Cushing's Syndrome: Preliminary Study. Santos, Alicia; Granell, Esther; Gomez-Anson, Beatriz; Crespo, Iris; Pires, Patricia; Vives-Gilabert Report Jan 1, 2017 5033
Antioxidant Treatment Induces Hyperactivation of the HPA Axis by Upregulating ACTH Receptor in the Adrenal and Downregulating Glucocorticoid Receptors in the Pituitary. Prevatto, Jessika P.; Torres, Rafael C.; Diaz, Bruno L.; Silva, Patricia M.R. e.; Martins, Marco A.; Report Jan 1, 2017 6368
Circulatory Immune Cells in Cushing Syndrome: Bystanders or Active Contributors to Atherometabolic Injury? A Study of Adhesion and Activation of Cell Surface Markers. Aranda, Gloria; Lopez, Cristina; Fernandez-Ruiz, Rebeca; Esteban, Yaiza; Garcia- Eguren, Guillermo; Report Jan 1, 2017 6393
Evaluation of Adrenal Function in Nonhospitalized Patients with Cirrhosis. Moini, Maryam; Sarvestani, Mitra Yazdani; Shams, Mesbah; Nomovi, Masood Report Jan 1, 2017 3870
Acute-Onset Panhypopituitarism Nearly Missed by Initial Cosyntropin Testing. Blum, Claudine A.; Schneeberger, Daniel; Lang, Matthias; Rakic, Janko; Michot, Marc Philippe; Muller Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1838
A Rapid Biochemical and Radiological Response to the Concomitant Therapy with Temozolomide and Radiotherapy in an Aggressive ACTH Pituitary Adenoma. Krpan, Ana Misir; Dusek, Tina; Rakusic, Zoran; Solak, Mirsala; Kraljevic, Ivana; Bisof, Vesna; Ozret Report Jan 1, 2017 2639
Effects of Mifepristone on Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in a Patient with a Cortisol-Secreting Adrenal Adenoma. Ragucci, Enzo; Nguyen, Dat; Lamerson, Michele; Moraitis, Andreas G. Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2520
A Case Report of Bilateral Adrenal Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. Iyidir, Ozlem Turhan; Cerit, Ethem Turgay; Ozkan, Cigdem; Altinova, Eroglu; Cimen, Ali Riza; Sozen, Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1965
A harmful traditional practice in newborns with adrenocorticotropic hormone resistance syndrome: branding. Bastug, Osman; Korkmaz, Levent; Korkut, Sabriye; Halis, Hulya; Gunes, Tamer; Kurtoglu, Selim Case study Dec 1, 2016 2331
Psychological stress did not harm IVF outcomes. Karon, Amy Clinical report Dec 1, 2016 586
Inhibition of Ubiquitin-specific Peptidase 8 Suppresses Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Production and Tumorous Corticotroph Cell Growth in AtT20 Cells. Jian, Fang-Fang; Li, Yun-Feng; Chen, Yu-Fan; Jiang, Hong; Chen, Xiao; Zheng, Li-Li; Zhao, Yao; Wang, Report Sep 5, 2016 3387
Ectopic Cushing's syndrome due to retroperitoneal ACTH-producing paragangliomas. Chen, Fan; Wang, Xiangyu; Wang, Yang; Meng, Hui; Hou, Xinguo; Zhu, Yaofeng; Gao, Wei; Jiang, Xuewen; Clinical report Sep 1, 2016 2179
Effects of aerobic exercise training and cranial electrotherapy stimulation on the stress-related hormone, the neurotrophic factor, and mood states in obese middle-aged women: a pilot clinical trial. Cho, Su-Youn; So, Wi-Young; Roh, Hee-Tae Sep 1, 2016 6157
Now Available: Pituitary ACTH Hypersecretion (Cushing Disease) - Pipeline Review, H1 2016. Jul 12, 2016 462
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Receptor - Pipeline Review, H1 2016. Jun 14, 2016 462
ANI Pharmaceuticals names new vice president Corticotropin Product Development. May 24, 2016 211
ANI Pharmaceuticals names new vice president Corticotropin Product Development. May 24, 2016 207
ANI elects Mark J. Ginski PhD as VP of Corticotropin Product Development. May 24, 2016 132
ANI elects Mark J. Ginski PhD as VP of Corticotropin Product Development. May 24, 2016 128
Music performance anxiety (MPA): endocrine variables and their impact on female. Lima, Marco Antonio de; Silva, Paulo Cesar Ribeiro da; Rocha, Sergio de Figueiredo Mar 1, 2016 881
ANI will buy two NDAs from Merck. Oct 26, 2015 205
New Study: Pituitary ACTH Hypersecretion (Cushing's Disease) - Pipeline Review, H2 2015. Oct 25, 2015 469
Clinico epidemiological and biochemical profile of patients with melasma. Chandravathi, P.L.; Soujanya, Dhulipala; Karani, Hetal Oct 8, 2015 2904
Anaesthetic management of adrenocortical tumor excision in a patient of Cushing's syndrome. R., Ravi; M., Shilpashri A.; R., Uma B.; M., Harsha B. Jul 9, 2015 1511
Pituitary ACTH Hypersecretion (Cushing's Disease) - Pipeline Review, H1 2015 - New Study Released. Apr 1, 2015 412
Epitope Diagnostics, Inc. Introduces New 2-Hour Human ACTH ELISA Kit. Aug 19, 2014 287
Neuroendocrine, metabolic and meat quality traits in castrated and non-castrated Nellore cattle/Caracteristicas endocrinas, metabolicas e indicadoras da qualidade da carne em bovinos Nelore castrados e nao castrados. Silva, Barbara; Poleti, Mirele Daiana; Moncau, Cristina Tschorny; Rosa, Alessandra Fernandes; da Luz May 1, 2014 5312
Interpretation of cortisol concentrations and reference intervals from the CALIPER database. Rovnaghi, Cynthia R.; Kala, Aaron F.; Allen, Stephanie L.; Anand, Kanwaljeet J.S. Letter to the editor Feb 1, 2014 3768
[alpha]MSH blunts endotoxin-induced MuRF1 and atrogin-1 upregulation in skeletal muscle by modulating NF-[kappa]B and Akt/FoxO1 pathway. Martin, Ana Isabel; Gomez-SanMiguel, Ana Belen; Gomez-Moreira, Carolina; Villanua, Maria Angeles; Lo Jan 1, 2014 6934
Corticotropin-releasing factor mediated epileptiform activity in the entorhinal cortex: roles of [CRF.sub.2] receptors, PKA pathway & cation channels. Kurada, Lalitha; Cilz, Nicholas I.; Yang, Chuanxiu; Lei, Saobo Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 557
Cushing's syndrome in pregnancy: a diagnostic conundrum. Garla, Vishnu; Kheetan, Reem; Saleem, Tipu Report Nov 1, 2013 1386
Classification, diagnosis and treatment of ACTH-independent macronodular adrenal hyperplasia. Su, Heng-Chuan; Dai, Jun; Huang, Xin; Zhou, Wen-long; Huang, Bao-xing; Cao, Wan-li; Sun, Fu-Kang Case study Sep 1, 2013 2467
Silent ACTHoma: a subclinical presentation of Cushing's disease in a 79 year old male. Malviya, Meenal; Kumar, Navneet; Ahmad, Naseer Aug 1, 2013 1168
Pituitary ACTH Hypersecretion (Cushing's Disease) - Pipeline Review, H1 2013 - New Report Available. May 20, 2013 489
The effect of the stress hormone corticosterone and ACTH concentrations swimming and surgery in mature male Sprague-Dawley rats. Kavous, Solhjoo; Hossein, Kargar Jahromi; Zahra, Kargar Jahromi; Mohammad, Farzam; Sara, Azhdari; Sa Report Apr 1, 2013 2702
Addison's disease patient presenting with cushing's syndrome findings: Cushing Sendrom Bulgulari ile Prezente olan Addison Hastasi. Unal, Asli Dogruk; Gozu, Hulya Iliksu; Demirag, Nilgun Guvener Case study Mar 1, 2013 1998
Bronchopulmonary carcinoid presenting as dexamethasone suppressible Cushing's syndrome. Sofka, Sarah; Jackson, Timothy Case study Jan 1, 2013 1618
Effects of alcohol dependence and withdrawal on stress responsiveness and alcohol consumption. Becker, Howard C. Dec 22, 2012 10083
Genetic and environmental determinants of stress responding. Clarke, Toni-Kim; Nymberg, Charlotte; Schumann, Gunter Dec 22, 2012 9284
Stress glossary. Dec 22, 2012 1616
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Reversing female sexual dysfunction. Clinical report May 1, 2012 3603
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