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ACPE welcomes new certified physicians: fifty physicians earned certification during the recent tutorial in Tampa. congratulations to.

* Jason L Adler MD, MBA. CPE

* Fahad Ibrahim Alsohaibani FRCP(C). ABIM, MRCP(UK), M.Ed, CPE

* Rajni Aneja MD, CPE

* David P. Armstrong DO, MBA. CPE

* Terry L. Baxter MD, CPE

* Sven T. Berg MD, MPH. CPE

* Monte L. Bible DO, MPH. FAOCOPM, CPE

* Michiel Bosman MD, MMM, MS. CPE

* Kent L. Bradley MD, MPH, CPE

* Bret Burton MD, CPE

* Ian W. Bushell MD, MHS-CL, CPE

* Thomas N. Cheatham MD, BS, CPE

* Laura M. Clapper MD, MPPA, CPE

* Richard Colavita MD, CPE

* Michael J. Diminick MD, CPE

* Michael Gerard Donnely Md, FACP, CPE

* Joseph Thomas Doyle Md, Eds, MPH, MBA, MPA, CPE

* Thomas A. Erchinger MD, CPE

* Georges M. Feghali MD, FACP, CPE

* Julie J, Felt MD, MMM, CPE

* C. Wayne Gallops DO, RPH, CPE

* James W. Gasque MD, CPF,

* Bernard B, Gawne MD, MS, MPH, MS. CPE

* Jannifer Drake Harper MD, CPE

* Ricky E, Hartman DO, MBA, CPE

* Michael J, Higgins MD, CPE

* Martin Izakovic MD, CPE

* James L, Lemley MD, FAAFP, MBA, CPF

* Viki T. Lin MD. CPE

* David S. Louder MD, CPE

* Paul J. Mirone MD, CPE

* Chander S, Mishra MD, MBA, MBBS, CPE

* Susan O. Moran MD, CPE

* Michael R. Murchland MD, CPE

* Robert X. Murphy MD, MS. CPF

* John D. O'Boyle MD, CPE

* David Michael O'Brien MD, MPH, CPE

* Jan E. Patterson MD, CPE

* Ilyas A. Rajput MD, MBA. CPE

* David B, Rhodes MD, MPH. CPE

* Yisrael M. Safeek MD, MBA, CPE

* Syed A. Shah MD, MMM, MPH, CPE

* Rayvelle Antoinette Stallings MD, CPE

* Kathryn K, Stout MD, CPE

* Jeffrey B, Stricker DO, MBA. CPE

* Stanley K. Tarter MD, MPH, CPE

* Sharon M. Townsend MD, MBA, CPE

* Johann S, Westphall MD, MPH, CPE

* Charles D. Williams MD, CPE

* Daniel A. Yacono MD, CPE



The next Tutorial is September 21-25 in Dallas, Texas. Go to or call Tina Ramsey or Barbara Linney at 1-800-562-8088 to learn about eligibility and the application process.
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