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ACNielsen Study Finds 43 Brands Have Billion Dollar Global Presence; Beverages, Tobacco and Snack Foods are Strongest Branded Consumer Packaged Products Worldwide.

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STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 2001

Manufacturers and Retailers Can Use the Insights to Better Understand

Competitive Performance and Opportunities

Only 43 consumer product brands ring up annual sales of more than US$1 billion each and can be considered truly global, according to a study released today by ACNielsen, the global authority on consumer behavior and marketing information.

"Despite a proliferation of brands in the marketplace and a focus by major manufacturers on being more global, there are relatively few global mega brands out there today," said Jane Perrin, ACNielsen Managing Director of Global Services, the sponsor of the study, Reaching the Billion Dollar Mark - A Review of Today's Global Brands. "We looked at well over 200 brands in this study and although more than half had a global presence, they just didn't have over a billion dollars in sales. Over the next few years, we expect this picture will change dramatically."

The study's findings are based on ACNielsen data from 30 countries in North America, Europe-Middle East-Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Together, the countries account for 90 percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product.

Leading Categories

The category with the most billion-dollar brands was beverages, with 13 brands making the final list (See Table 1). The total Coca-Cola brand was number one among beverages at well over US$15 billion in sales, with its two sub-brands, Coca-Cola and diet Coke, being billion dollar brands in their own right. Pepsi Cola and its associated sub-brands, Pepsi and Diet Pepsi (including Pepsi Light, Pepsi Max and Pepsi One), ranked as the number two beverage.

There were three snack foods that registered over a billion dollars in global sales (Doritos, Lay's and Pringles) and four tobacco brands that had a significant global presence and met the billion-dollar criteria (Benson & Hedges, Camel, L&M and Marlboro).

In terms of sales growth, the annual average rate across the 43 brands was less than 10%, but 8 of the 43 brands experienced double-digit growth in the most recent year. Growth across categories showed little consistency.

Manufacturer Predominance

There were 23 manufacturers of these 43 billion-dollar brands. Eight of the 23 companies had more than one brand on the list. Pepisco had the most brands with six. The Philip Morris Companies (including Kraft Foods) and Procter & Gamble each had five brands. The Coca-Cola Company came in at four, with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, The Gillette Company, Mars and Nestle with two brands each. The 43 brands reported in the study accounted for more than US$125 billion in sales. Nearly three-quarters of these sales were attributable to the eight manufacturers with multiple brands on the list.

Regional Highlights

In general, regional sales of the 43 brands closely follow the global findings. For example, in each of the four regions Coca-Cola and Marlboro were consistently the top two brands of the 43 studied. All of the brands had their largest markets in either North America or Europe, Middle East & Africa, which aligns with regional GDP strength. North America was the dominant region for 24 brands and Europe was dominant for 16 brands. For three brands (Gillette, Pedigree, Always), both North America and Europe shared equal importance.

Table 1. Billion Dollar Global Brands
 Source: ACNielsen

 Brand Segment Sales Largest
 (# of countries for 12 Market
 included, 30 maximum) months
 Q1 2001
 (US $)
Total Coca-Cola (30) Carbonated Over $15 Europe
 Coca-Cola (Regular)* Beverages Billion
 diet Coke/
 Coca-Cola Light*

Marlboro (25) Tobacco Europe
 Marlboro (Regular)*
 Marlboro Lights*
Total Pepsi (30) Carbonated $5 Billion - North America
 Pepsi (Regular)* Beverages $15 Billion
 Diet Pepsi/
 Pepsi Light*
Budweiser (25) Beer $3 Billion - North America
Campbell's (21) Soup $5 Billion North America
Kellogg's (27) Cereal North America
Pampers (27) Diapers Europe
Benson & Hedges (21) Tobacco $2 Billion - Europe
Camel (24) Tobacco $3 Billion Europe
Danone (25) Yogurt Europe
Fanta (29) Carbonated Europe
Friskies (24) Pet Food North America
Gillette (29) Blades & N. America/Europe
Huggies (25) Diapers North America
Nescafe (29) Coffee Europe
Sprite (30) Carbonated North America
Tide (11) Laundry North America
Tropicana (17) Still North America
Wrigley's (27) Chewing Gum Europe
Colgate (29) Toothpaste $1.5 Billion - North America
Duracell (28) Batteries $2 Billion North America
Heineken (26) Beer Europe
Kodak (13) Consumer North America
L&M (18) Tobacco Europe
Lay's (22) Chips & North America
Pedigree (25) Pet Food N. America/Europe

 Brand Segment Sales Largest
 (# of countries for 12 Market
 included, 30 maximum) months
 Q1 2001
 (US $)
Always (22) Sanitary $1 Billion - N. America/Europe
 Protection $1.5 Billion
Doritos (20) Chips & North America
Energizer (28) Batteries North America
Gatorade (22) Sports North America
Guinness (23) Beer Europe
Kinder (28) Chocolate Europe
Kleenex (26) Facial Tissue North America
L'Oreal (27) Colorants North America
Maxwell House (19) Coffee North America
Minute Maid (16) Still North America
Nivea (29) Moisturizers/ Europe
Pantene (30) Shampoo/ North America
Philadelphia (25) Cheese North America
Pringles (30) Chips & Snacks Europe
Seven-Up/7-Up (30) Carbonated North America
Tylenol (9) OTC Pain North America
Whiskas (24) Cat Food Europe

Note: Brands are alphabetized within each dollar segment

* Denote sub-brands which independently meet the global billion
 dollar mark but are included in the total for the brand

Perrin said, "With coverage in over 100 countries, ACNielsen is unique in its ability to provide a true global perspective on today's consumers. While other branding studies are just a tally of shipment sales from a company's annual report, this ACNielsen report is unique in its findings as it measures actual retail sales from 30 countries."


There were three main criteria that a brand had to meet to be included in the study. First, the cumulative sales for the 12 months ending with the first quarter of 2001 had to be equal to or exceed US$1 billion. Second, the brand had to have a measurable presence in each of the four major geographic regions - Latin America, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, Middle East and Africa. Finally, sales outside of the home market had to represent at least 5% of the global sales value.

The study includes 30 of the world's top markets divided into four geographical regions:

Latin America: Europe, Middle East and Africa
- Brazil - Germany
- Mexico - United Kingdom
- Argentina - France
 - Italy
Asia Pacific: - Spain
- Japan - Russian Federation
- China - Netherlands
- Korea, Rep. (South Korea) - Switzerland
- Australia - Belgium
- Hong Kong, China - Sweden
 - Austria
North America: - Turkey
- United States - Denmark
- Canada - Poland
 - Norway
 - Saudi Arabia
 - South Africa
 - Greece
 - Portugal
 - Ireland

About ACNielsen

ACNielsen, a VNU company, is the world's leading marketing information company. Offering services in more than 100 countries, the company provides measurement and analysis of marketplace dynamics and consumer attitudes and behavior. Clients rely on ACNielsen's market research, proprietary products, analytical tools and professional service to understand competitive performance, to uncover new opportunities and to raise the profitability of their marketing and sales campaigns.

Editor's Note: The complete text of Reaching the Billion Dollar Mark - A Review of Today's Global Brands is available at
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