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How did the National Society of Hispanic MBAs manage to successfully implement a web-based AMS system, take event registrations on-line and manage on-site registrations in 90 days?

They got in touch with ACGI.

When the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) first contacted ACGI in February of 2003, they had one goal in mind: to have a fully implemented 100% web based Association Management System (AMS) by September 1, 2003. NSHMBA's vision was to have one central, web-based application that would automate its day-to-day activities, offer CRM functionality for further personalization, and provide seamless integration with their existing website into a single enterprise level database. NSHMBA made this vision reality by replacing their existing AMS with ACGI's association anywhere.

The implementation of association anywhere started in July 2003 and resulted in a fully functioning AMS that was accepting registrations on-line by September 1, 2003. The 2003 conference proved to be an overwhelming success with the attendance of 6000 people, up 20% from the previous year, and more than 170 exhibiting companies.


"The true test of the system was the conference. The webbased system
allowed us to access our files on-site and upload new members at a
click, creating less work before and after the event. Because of the
ease of the system, 80 percent of our conference attendees
pre-registered, thus keeping the lines to a minimum."
--Edwin Garcia, Chief Executive Officer of NSHMBA.

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associationanywhere[TM] HIGHLIGHTS

* User interface: intuitive and personalized to the individual level

* Single Click Technology: streamlined navigation that allows you to reach any location with one click, regardless of where you are in the database.

* Seamless integration with web site means your data is always current

* Over 40 modules to help run your association

* Dynamic reporting to fit your needs

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