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ACEI is looking for a few good members.

ACEI is looking for educators who are dedicated to a holistic, child-centered approach to education, one that considers the child's experiences in the home, school, community, and world. If you know people like that, share with them your excitement about ACEI. Start by telling them the reasons you got involved. Your enthusiasm will be catching. Next, share our mission...

* To promote the inherent rights, education, and well-being of all children in their homes, schools, and communities...

* To work for desirable conditions, programs, and practices for children from infancy through early adolescence...

* To bring into active cooperation all individuals and groups concerned with children...

* To raise the standard of preparation for those actively involved with the care and development of children...

* To encourage the continuous professional growth of educators...

* To focus the public's attention on the rights and needs of children, and on the ways various programs must be adjusted to fit those rights and needs.

Tell them a little about our history. ACEI was founded in 1892 as the International Kindergarten Union (IKU), making it the first organization of its kind. In 1931, the IKU and the National Council of Primary Education (founded in 1916) joined together to become the Association for Childhood Education. "International" was added in 1946 as an indication of the Association's growing concern for children throughout the world.

Tell early childhood educators that ACEI was one of only three education organizations that helped establish a nationwide program for the training, assessment, and credentialing of Child Development Associate (CDA) candidates. ACEI played a pivotal role to ensure that the competencies, assessments, and credentialing required of CDA candidates would contribute to quality professional programs for children.

Let educators know how we work with other organizations. ACEI has consultative status with UNICEF and UNESCO. ACEI is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) member of the United Nations and two of our members represent ACEI's interests at UN meetings. ACEI also has a strong affiliation with the Alliance for Curriculum Reform (ACR), Organization Mondiale pour L'Education Prescolaire (OMEP), National Committee on the Rights of the Child, Council of Organizations for the Professional Preparation of Educators (COPPE), National Teacher of the Year Program, Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), Elementary and Early Childhood Education (EECE Partner), and Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

Inform college or university faculty that ACEI is a constituent member of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and currently holds seats on the Unit Accreditation Board (UAB) and Board of Appeals. Fifty-two ACEI members voluntarily review the folios of institutions with elementary programs to ensure that they consistently meet NCATE guidelines.

Tell teachers that ACEI supports recognition, respect, and empowerment for the professional childhood educator. ACEI annually designates the first full week of May as the "Week of the Classroom Teacher." The celebration was created to remind teachers that ACEI appreciates their hard work and tireless dedication.

To learn more about ACEI, contact the Membership Department at 1-800-423-3563, ext. 18 (outside the United States and Canada, please call 1-301570-2111, ext. 18), or visit our home page on the World Wide Web at

- Julie Wisor, Director of Membership

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Dear ACEI friends,

For those of you I did not have the pleasure of meeting at ACEI's 1998 conference, my name is Julie Leahy and I am the new Student Representative. My term officially began at the conclusion of the conference, and will end at the close of the 2000 conference. Replacing the previous representative, Judit Tamas, will be tough; however, I welcome the opportunity to serve on the Executive Board.

I would like to offer some background information about myself. In the fall of 1994, I began attending Eastern Illinois University, which has a large ACEI Student Branch. In 1995, I joined the organization. Since then I have served as a committee chairperson, and in May 1998, I became Vice President. I have now finished my coursework at EIU and plan to complete my student teaching this fall. In December 1998, I will receive my bachelor's degree in elementary education.

Although my ACEI membership has just begun, the organization has already proven to be important in my development as an educator, as well as a resource for meeting many wonderful colleagues.

I am eager to meet many more members, as well as to do my best to serve as a voice for all ACEI student members. I look forward to representing students who, based on the ideas I heard at the conference, want to accomplish many great things.

Once again, I am grateful to have been selected for such an important position. ACEI continues to grow at all levels, and the chance to be a part of its development is a wonderful opportunity.

- Julie Leahy, Student Representative
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Date:Sep 22, 1998
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