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ACEI elects new executive board members.

Michael Kelley, Vice President Representing Infancy/Early Childhood (2005-08)

Michael Kelley, Chair, Department of Elementary Education, College of Education, Arizona State University West, has been elected as ACEI's Vice President Representing Infancy/Early Childhood. Kelley has been an active ACEI member for over 15 years. He has served on a variety of committees, including Publications, Research, Conference Planning, and Infancy/Early Childhood. In addition, Kelley has served as a reviewer for ACEI's Journal of Research in Childhood Education, and currently is the journal's Associate Editor. He also has reviewed articles for Childhood Education, and served as Chair of both the Research Committee (2002-2004) and the Conference Program (1993 & 2003). In addition, he is ACEI's representative to the National Research Advisory Board of the ACR Center for Curriculum Leadership and Research. In 2003, Kelley received the Arizona State University West Faculty Achievement Award for service to the institution and field.

"I believe that the position of Vice President Representing Infancy/Early Childhood is a crucial one given recent trends in the field," says Kelley. "There has been an explosion of new knowledge regarding brain development and the role of key experiences required for healthy growth and development. Moreover, there have been numerous state and international initiatives designed to promote early childhood education. One of my goals is to further enhance ACEI's impressive outreach to the international community."

Dianne Lawler-Prince, Secretary (2005-08)

Dianne Lawler-Prince, Assistant Chair, Department of Teacher Education, Arkansas State University, has been elected ACEI's Secretary. Lawler-Prince has served on various committees, including Infancy/ Early Childhood and Nominating, and has chaired the Research Committee. She also has served as an ACEI NCATE Folio Reviewer (19842002). She has reviewed research proposals for, and presented her own work at, numerous ACEI annual conferences.

In addition to her work for ACEI, Lawler-Prince has been involved in a wide variety of professional service organizations, consultantships, and professional appointments. She has served as President, Arkansas Early Childhood Association (1990-1991); President, Southern Early Childhood Association (1999-2002); and a member of the Advisory Council, Mid-West Center for Nonprofit Leadership, Forum for Early Childhood Organization and Leadership Development (1999-2003).

According to Lawler-Prince, "In 1987, I attended my first ACEI conference and have continued to attend conferences, present papers, serve on committees, and involve myself with this organization throughout the years.

"I believe that ACEI should continue its efforts to address the needs of its membership, making affiliation affordable and user-friendly. ... I believe that ACEI, through its diverse membership and leadership, can continue to grow and increase its outreach to parents, students, teachers, educators, and others concerned with children and youth."
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Date:Jun 22, 2005
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