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ACEI elects new executive board members.

Jeanie Burnett President Elect (2004-2005)

Jeanie Burnett, Professor of Elementary Education, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, is the new ACEI President-Elect. Burnett is an active ACEI member, having served as ACEI's Vice President Representing Intermediate/Middle Childhood (2000-2003), She also has served as an ACEI/ NCATE Program Reviewer, as a member of the Publications Committee, and as column editor of "Books for Children" in Childhood Education. She has presented at numerous ACEI conferences sessions.

On the local level, Burrnett established a new student ACEI Branch at Kutztown University. "Branch members have learned that ACEI membership is a wise investment in their future," says Burnett. "Genuine attention from knowledgeable mentors can be combined with resources such as grants and awards from ACEI to support their training as advocates for children. Colleagues support each other through journals, newsletters, focused meetings, E-mail, and conferences, which all serve to increase teacher candidates' knowledge base and professional dispositions. Strong ACEI Branches, no matter the size. provide the potential for long-term membership support for ACEI and lead to significant work for our children.

"Every member of ACEI counts as an advocate for children," says Burnett. "Whether one is a new member entering the education profession, or a retired member ready to mentor others, work that supports the well-being of children can be shared in a myriad of ways. I believe that membership opportunities, publications, and conferences need to be as economically viable, and as accessible, as possible."

Patricia Kostell Member-at-Large (1) (2004-2007)

Patricia Kostell, an educational consultant in South Carolina, is the new Member-at-Large. (1) An active member of ACEI for 11 years, Kostell has served on various committees, including Public Affairs, Infancy/Early Childhood, and Nominating. She has presented at numerous ACEI Annual Conferences and contributed to several ACEI publications

Kostell believes that "the dialogue that emerges from ACEI meetings must continue to be open and promote joint undertakings between and among members representing diverse nations. A major part of my vision for the future of ACEI will be to facilitate opportunities to dialog, share viewpoints, and discuss issues that lead to the development of plans for international undertakings that involve children and families as well as celebrate the classroom teacher. Greater efforts must be made to reach out to the nonmembers in the professions, especially classroom teachers, school administrators, and caregivers of children from infancy through adolescence, to help them understand the value of active membership in the creation of strong voice for the profession."

Andrew Peralta Student Representative (2004-2006)

Andrew Peralta, Student Teacher, Eastern Illinois University (EIU), Urbana, Illinois, has been elected ACEI's Student Representative. Peralta earned his bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in middle level mathematics, at EIU in 2003.

An active ACEI member since 2000, Peralta was a 2003 recipient of the ACEI Presidents' Council Award, and a 2002 recipient of the ACEI Elizabeth Breathwaite Student Leadership Award. He has attended several ACEI Annual Conferences and was a presenter for the ACEI Student Committee's Make-n-Take at the 2003 ACEI International Conference.

On the local level, Peralta was an EIU-ACEI student adviser, served as EIU-ACEI Branch President (2000-2003), and EIU-ACEI Branch Community Chairperson (1999).

In addition to his involvement in ACEI, Peralta is also member of several other organizations, including National Association of Teacher Educators, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Pi, and Eastern Illinois University's Branch of Habitat for Humanity.

"I find myself now at an interesting point in my education," Peralta says. "As a student, I understand the need for a firm grounding in educational theory and in practical classroom experience. As a beginning teacher, I realize the pressure felt by young educators and the optimism that they bring to the classroom. I feel I can help to vocalize the wants and needs of those who are doing the brave work of guiding our young to an uncertain yet exciting future."
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