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ACEI awards, honors, and grants.

Outstanding Member Service Award

This award recognizes the outstanding contributions made by an ACEI member to the betterment of children, to the field of education, and to ACEI. Winners, approved by the Executive Board, are named at the Annual Conference. Nominations deadline: February 15. Note: This award should not be confused with similar ones that Branches bestow on local members.

Elizabeth Breathwaite Mini-Grant

Two mini-grants of $500 each are available to ACEI members for the implementation of outstanding educational experiences for children. Projects are evaluated on the basis of quality and importance to children's education. Funded proposals must be described in an article to be published by ACEI or presented at the Annual Conference. Priority will be given to those who have not been awarded a grant in the past three years. Proposals, including a description and potential outcomes, must reach ACEI Headquarters by February 15.

Elizabeth Breathwaite Student Leadership Award

Student Leadership Awards of $300 each are available to college students who are ACEI members. The award must be used to help defray the costs of attending the Annual Conference. In addition, the awardees' conference registration fee will be waived. Winners are recognized in the ACEI Exchange and at the conference. Criteria include: evidence of leadership and participation in professional, social, and civic activities; school activities; letters of recommendation; interest in teaching or child-related occupations; and ACEI activities. Application deadline: November 15.

ACEI Friends of Children Award

This award was established to honor a non-ACEI member who works outside the field of education, whose work has improved the quality of life for children, and who demonstrates a commitment to children on a national or international level. Nominations deadline: February 15. This award will be given at the Annual Conference.

Patty Smith Hill Award

This award recognizes one outstanding ACEI member who has contributed significantly to the betterment of ACEI and children. Final selection is made by the Executive Board (nominees remain in the candidate pool for three years for consideration). The qualifications include membership in ACEI for 20 years or more; exemplary, consistent contributions to ACEI; and achievements in the field of childhood education that have brought ACEI recognition. Nomination materials include: a letter of nomination, current curriculum vitae, and a summary of contributions to ACEI. This award may be presented posthumously. Nomination deadline: February 15.

Roll of Honor

Deceased ACEI members who served the Association with distinction and contributed significantly to the betterment of children can be nominated to have their names inscribed on the Roll of Honor and included in the Book of Remembrances. To nominate an individual, please submit a contribution to the ACEI Memorial Endowment Fund, a letter of intent, and a completed recommendation form to ACEI Headquarters. Nominees are approved by the Executive Board. Contact Headquarters for a recommendation form.


* All submissions for consideration must be made prior to, or on the first day of, the conference.

* Submissions are reviewed at the conference.

* Winners (one per category) are announced at the Annual Business Meeting.

* Judges include Membership Department staff and one member each from the Presidents' Council and the Membership and Program Development Committees. Judges will be excluded from judging submissions from their own Branches.

* Winners will be recognized in the ACEI Exchange.

* Winners receive a Certificate of Recognition and a check for $50 to be used to promote future Branch programs (the Branch Development Grant is $150).

* Entries can be applied to only one award.

* Projects and activities must be described in writing.

* Sample materials (if applicable) are strongly encouraged as supplements to the write-ups.

* All annual reports must be submitted.

* Contact Headquarters with questions, or to request an application.

Best Professional Development Workshop/ Conference Award

For the Branch that holds the best professional development workshop or conference. Presentations must focus on education topics or general wellness (e.g., stress management). Judges evaluate content, creativity, and attendance. The judges also take into account the size of the Branch's membership.

Best Use of ACEI Materials Award

Given to the Branch that makes the best use of ACEI materials (e.g., membership rosters, mailing labels, journals, newsletters, member profile cards, conference announcements, logos, or Branch manual materials). Branches must tell how they used the materials to promote ACEI.

Branch Excellence Award

Presented to Branches that meet the following criteria: 1) Branch Annual Report and Branch Budget Worksheet submitted to ACEI by June 15, 2) Officers' Roster submitted within one month of the election of new officers, 3) article submitted to "Branches in Action" in the ACEI Exchange, 4) no decrease in Branch membership during previous year, 5) the Branch hosts, sponsors, or participates in at least one event that directly benefits children. ACEI Headquarters staff monitor Branch progress. All Branches that meet these criteria will be given a certificate and a $100 prize.

Best Publicity Award

For the Branch that demonstrates the best use of a press release or flier and that receives the most media coverage. Branches must submit copies of press releases or fliers, as well as newspaper clippings, and an explanation of why their Branch deserves the award.

Best Communications Award

For the Branch that best communicates with its members through newsletters, telephone, letters, etc. The write-up should describe these activities.

Best Children's Event/Community Service

Presented to the Branch that sponsors an event that most directly benefits children. Judges take into consideration creativity and the number of children in attendance.

Best Mentor Program

The award is applicable to any mentoring program that a Branch conducts that directly benefits children or assists a college student or first-year teacher.

Best Fundraiser Award

This award recognizes the Branch that initiates the most successful fundraiser. The funds raised must stem from an original idea (the Branch cannot sell ACEI publications to qualify). The write-up should describe the event and how much money was raised.

Best New Branch Award

Did you start a new student or professional Branch this year? If so, your Branch may qualify for this award. New Branches are evaluated on the basis of a 12-month period, and the Branch with the most new members wins. Headquarters will verify membership counts.

Best "Global Focus" Award

Given to the Branch that implements a project to foster better global awareness (e.g., a Branch could adopt a "sister" Branch in another country, sponsor a new member overseas, or share information on education issues with educators from another country).


Outstanding Branch Member Service Award

Each year, Branches may nominate one member who has significantly helped to strengthen ACEI and, in doing so, contributed to the betterment of children and the professionals who work with them. For an application, please contact your Branch.

Annual Branch Development Grants

These $150 grants provide seed money to assist ACEI affiliates at the Branch level in starting or revitalizing a Branch. New Branches will be issued the grant automatically upon receipt of their constitution and officers' roster.
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