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ACEEE Estimates New Light-duty Diesel Tax Credits.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently posted its estimates of tax credits for 31 diesel and hybrid cars and light trucks that fall under tax credit provisions of the new federal energy bill.

According to ACEEE, these "best-guess" estimates, which are available online at hybtaxcred.htm#table, are based on a combination of preliminary 2006 model year data, 2005 model year data and manufacturer announcements.

"No diesel vehicle will achieve credits at the outset, because automakers have yet to produce vehicles clean enough to meet those emissions requirements," said ACEEE. "This situation may begin to change in model year 2007, because ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel will become widely available in late 2006, facilitating emissions reduction technologies for new diesel models."

ACEEE noted that the credit amount is largely determined by a vehicle's city fuel economy relative to the average for its weight class, although vehicles that save at least 1,200 gallons of fuel over their lifetime relative to the class average gain additional credits. ACEEE said vehicles must also meet "moderately stringent" tailpipe emissions requirements to qualify.

"[These estimates] are intended only to give a sense of the magnitude of the upcoming credits, which will be available starting January 1, 2006," said ACEEE.

Contact: Therese Langer, ACEEE, phone 202-429-8873 ext 724.

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Date:Aug 17, 2005
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