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ACE Software's New Division Offers Student-Information Management and Business Services to K-12 Schools; ACE K-12 School Services Provides Alternative to Purchasing Software and Hardware, Hiring Technology Staff.

GROVE CITY, Ohio -- ACE Software has launched a new division that offers scheduling, grading, payroll and other student-information management and business services to K-12 schools. ACE K-12 School Services provides schools with a cost-effective alternative to purchasing software and hardware and hiring in-house staff to perform those functions.

Schools that employ the service use ACE Software's ADM2000 Student Information System and Financial Systems software via the service's ASP Server. ACE is targeting the service to public, private and charter schools throughout the United States.

"Small schools often don't have the resources to purchase software and hardware -- or hire in-house staff -- to easily perform their essential student-management and business-related functions," said Mike Uhrin, ACE president, who founded the company in 1977 after a 16-year career as a school administrator. "Likewise, large school districts that have suffered levy failures have cut back personnel but still need to offer those services. ACE K-12 School Services is an answer to both those problems."


ACE K-12 School Services customers use ADM2000 Student Information System software for attendance, scheduling, grading, academic history, transcripts, web-based parent and staff communication, graduation requirements and other options. They also use ADM2000 Financial Systems software for fund accounting, payroll, personnel, fixed assets, warehouse and textbooks.


ACE K-12 School Services also offers schools a team of consultants -- ACE employees, most of whom are former school administrators -- to handle their student-information management and business functions. Those include technology and financial consulting, payroll, accounting, state reporting, student scheduling, bid writing, grant management and writing/editing of policy and procedure manuals.

ACE's consultants average more than 25 years' experience in student-information and school business management, either at schools or at ACE.


Pricing for ACE K-12 School Services varies according to the size of the school district or building, as well as the specific services chosen.


For information about ACE K-12 School Services, contact ACE Software at 800-837-2692 (614-875-4910),,


Founded in 1977, ACE Software, LLC, provides powerful, flexible, web-enabled student-information software and services (attendance, grading, scheduling, academic history, payroll, accounting and other functions) to K-12 schools nationwide. Its flagship products include ADM2000 Student Information System, ADM2000 Financial System, ADM2000 Parent WEB, ADM2000 Staff WEB and ADM2000 Student WEB. Many of ACE's customers -- school districts, individual schools and others -- have used the company's products and services since the late 1970s.

For more information about ACE Software and ACE K-12 School Services, contact ACE Software, LLC, 6110 Enterprise Pkwy., Grove City, OH 43123; 800-837-2692 or 614-875-4910; fax: 614-875-4088;;
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 10, 2005
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