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ACCPAC Offers Small Businesses 'Best Value Accounting' With Major Upgrade to Simply Accounting Software; New Version 9.0 Offers Complete Time & Billing Module, Daily Business Manager And Interactive Multimedia Training at less than One-third the price of Quickbooks.

PLEASANTON, Calif. -- ACCPAC International, Inc., a subsidiary of Computer Associates International, Inc. , announced today an aggressive U.S. pricing strategy in concert with the new release of its popular small business accounting software: Simply Accounting and the advanced Simply Accounting Pro. Providing the U.S. market with sharply reduced pricing, ACCPAC is continuing its strategy to produce the 'best value' accounting software for small businesses. The new versions of Simply Accounting and Simply Accounting Pro add many new features and productivity enhancements including the Daily Business Manager, a control center that dynamically consolidates key daily tasks for simplified management, and a multimedia training CD that enables users to quickly learn how to leverage the power of Simply Accounting for their business. In addition, Simply Accounting Pro now includes a fully integrated Time & Billing module.

"Simply Accounting doesn't take a back seat to any product in this market," said Scott Garell, Senior Vice President, Small Business Group for ACCPAC. "Our focus with version 9.0 is to offer the market the hands-down best value, with both leading-edge features and ease-of-use that ensure small businesses are up, running, and efficiently managing their businesses in the quickest possible time. We're well aware that small business owners have a choice when it comes to managing their books -- we're making that choice simple by providing them with the most functional, easy to learn and easy-to-use product, and the best value available."

Used by over 300,000 small businesses and approved by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, Simply Accounting continues to offer small businesses the easiest and most complete accounting system on the market. The product combines six essential accounting modules into a single, easy-to-use solution. While ease-of-use is key to Simply Accounting's success, equally important is the full-time audit trail that ensures accounting integrity. Competing solutions, such as Intuit's Quickbooks, enable users to make changes to accounting data without mandatory recording of those critical changes.

"We've made Simply Accounting bullet-proof for small business owners without sacrificing simplicity," said Garell. "Users can make changes on the fly, and Simply's built-in intelligence makes the proper accounting entries for them. It provides true accounting control without the headaches."

Among the dozens of enhancements to the software is the new Daily Business Manager that provides instant focus on the day's most critical management tasks. From this unique control center, users can store notes and reminders and attach them to specific dates on the calendar. This is ideal for timely collections, tax filings and staying up-to-date with accounting tasks. Much more than a simple to-do list, the Daily Business Manager scans the accounting database for time-sensitive issues and notifies the user of all the important accounting tasks that need attention such as payments due, discounts available to be taken, and checks and invoices to print and post. A 'batch processing' feature enables users to process many transactions at once, instead of by repeated individual entry. All the tasks can be launched directly from the control center, for extreme ease-of-use that saves time and increases overall productivity.

Building on the core management benefits of the Daily Business Manager, Simply Accounting 9.0 provides users with more reporting features to help business owners better track the business and improve decision-making. The new Financial Ratios report provides an instant snapshot of company performance issues such as average daily sales, liquidity, and profitability. For improved security and audit control, transaction reports can now be printed with names of users who made the entries.

Added focus on flexibility and ease-of-use comes through a series of new features including pop up calendars on date fields throughout the product; customizable data entry fields that can be used to store special information about vendors, customers, employees; inventory and projects; flexible options to set up custom sales taxes; and the ability to link to a favorite currency exchange rate web site from transaction screens.

Simply Accounting Pro, the multi-user, multi-currency version, includes everything found in Simply Accounting as well as additional enhancements designed for the needs of larger businesses, particularly manufacturers and service-based companies. An entirely new module, Time & Billing, has been added for businesses that need to track time and bill clients accordingly. These include law offices, advertising agencies, accountants, and consultants of every kind. Time can be quickly recorded by using the built-in timer feature, or through manual entry.

Inventory Management has also been enhanced significantly in Simply Accounting Pro, with the addition of a Bill of Materials feature. Now, Simply Accounting Pro users can specify the components needed for assembling items, and have the system take care of the details with its auto-build functionality, a feature typically found only in high cost accounting applications.

Another new enhancement found only in Simply Accounting Pro is the ability to do multiple year reporting. The new version stores one hundred years of financial history for in-depth financial analysis while maintaining a lean data file size through automated archiving routines. This design ensures that historical data is easily accessible without negatively impacting overall system performance, a problem cited by users of competing systems.

Both versions of Simply Accounting now ship with a complete, interactive, multimedia training CD designed to guide users through the product for quick learning. The CD provides an on-screen tutor who describes each step in setting up and using the product, and offers users the ability to try steps with the actual product as they work through the lessons.

While Simply Accounting designers have paid close attention to the needs of existing users, they have also ensured that Simply Accounting has stepped ahead of competitors such as Quickbooks on many fronts. Among the competitive advantages Simply Accounting offers are:
 * The Payroll module is fully operable right out of the box. Simply
 Accounting's payroll is fully accessible immediately upon installing the
 product, and the latest payroll tax calculators are provided at no
 charge on request with product registration.
 * Users have the choice to enter payroll data independently, or to
 subscribe to an annual payroll update plan that provides both software
 upgrades and payroll tax calculation updates.
 * Simply Accounting maintains a full time audit trail and provides the
 user with an automated function for handling adjusting entries that
 makes corrections simple while maintaining accounting integrity. There
 is no option to turn off the audit trail and risk accounting
 irregularities and the associated cost to recover.
 * Simply Accounting provides integrity checks through the product to
 ensure that accounting entries are done properly. For example, Simply
 Accounting prevents users from accidentally posting a transaction to a
 previously closed fiscal year.
 * Simply Accounting is designed with a simple home screen for easiest
 access to accounting functions. Simply Accounting does not use a "flow
 chart" approach that can complicate navigation.
 * Simply Accounting provides the ability to flip between accounting
 terminology and non-accounting terminology. Simply Accounting does not
 assume that business people can't understand basic accounting, but
 provides choice for greater ease-of-use.
 * Simply Accounting provides a sophisticated multi-user implementation
 based on ACCPAC's 20 years of experience developing multi-user
 accounting systems for mid-market enterprises. Field level file-locking
 ensures multiple users can operate with minimal data lockout.

ACCPAC is marketing Simply Accounting 9.0 as the value-leader in accounting software for small businesses, with a suggested retail price of $39.99, and Simply Accounting Pro 9.0 at a suggested retail price of $89.99, less than one third the suggested price of Intuit's Quickbooks products (1). Simply Accounting Pro supports up to 6 users which can be added by installing additional copies of Simply Accounting Pro.

"The functionality of Simply Accounting is outstanding for such a low cost," said David Goldstein of Goldstein & Associates, Hollywood California. "It rivals the capabilities of some of the so-called high-end accounting products I've seen, but is so easy to use. I can't think of a better accounting software value to recommend to my clients, and I can get them up and running as quick, or quicker than with any of the other products."

In conjunction with the launch of Simply Accounting 9.0, ACCPAC is continuing to offer version 8.5 for free at A $9.95 shipping and handling charge applies.

A complete listing of the many new enhancements in versions 9.0 of Simply Accounting and Simply Accounting Pro can be found at

The new version of Simply Accounting and Simply Accounting Pro carry an MSRP of $39.99 and $89.99 respectively and are available in selected retail stores across the United States, by contacting ACCPAC at 1-800-773-5445 or by visiting


ACCPAC International, Inc., a subsidiary of Computer Associates International, Inc. , empowers small and medium-sized enterprises through a broad range of end-to-end e-business solutions designed to enhance competitive advantage and increase profitability. Award-winning product lines include ACCPAC Advantage Series (Enterprise Edition, Corporate Edition, Small Business Edition and Discovery Edition), ACCPAC Executive Series, ACCPAC Pro Series, ACCPAC eTransact, ACCPAC eCRM, ACCPAC Warehouse Management System, Simply Accounting, FAXserve and Simply BitWare.

Based in Pleasanton, California, USA, with offices in Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, ACCPAC has more than 500,000 registered clients and 5,000 business partners in more than 100 countries worldwide. Visit ACCPAC at and

Compared to Quickbooks pricing as posted at, March 27, 2002.

Certain statements in this press release are forward looking in nature and, accordingly, are subject to risks and uncertainties. The actual results may differ from those described or contemplated. ACCPAC, the ACCPAC logo and the ACCPAC product names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks of ACCPAC International, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries. All other marks are registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Contact: Kimberly Devine of UpStart Communications, +1-510-457-3124,, for ACCPAC International, Inc.; or John Schoutsen, Vice President, Press and Analyst Relations of ACCPAC International, Inc., +1-905-676-6794,


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