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The best college students majored in accounting during my student and faculty days. We who became CPAs and/or CMAs were very proud of obtaining those treasured professional certificates.

Today, however, a number of IMA ["A Global Certification," Strategic Finance, September 2001] and AICPA ["The Global Business Credential," Journal of Accountancy, September 2001J leaders seem to think that "Accountant" has become a dirty word. They are proposing a number of new global certification titles.

If it should be necessary to change the names of our professional designations in order to retain our valued professional position in the marketplace, there is no need to select esoteric titles. It would be a simple matter to change the definition of CMA to Certified Management Adviser and CPA to Certified Professional Adviser.

After all, accountants have always been advisers. A dictionary definition: "Adviser [Advisor]--One who gives advice."

Need I say more!

Grover L. Porter, CPA, Ph.D.

Professor of Accounting-Retired
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Title Annotation:changes in professional designations may be needed
Publication:Strategic Finance
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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