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Accelerated has launched it's next generation cellular modem with enhanced performance at an affordable price. The new 6300-CX Cellular Extender is a connectivity insurance plan' in the shape of a tiny square device at an affordable price. said Rick Gretsch, Accelerated VP of Product Management. Our customers, whether connecting offices, stores, kiosks, ATMs or digital signage require that their devices are always connected and available. The 6300-CX can be used as primary or failover cellular backup connectivity for branch office or retail locations. This is about peace of mind, said Rick. With more devices connected each day, using more and more data, are you prepared for outages that can impact your customer service and sales?

The 6300-CX delivers your connectivity insurance plan. Accelerated introduces the new All-In LTE Cellular Extender 6300-CX, packed with incredible features, speed, reliability, and flexible mounting options, at an industry- leading price. This is the newest product in the company's All-In line of cellular data products built on a foundation of global engineering experience from a proven carrier- certified industry leader.

The 6300-CX is powered by an AirPrime embedded module from Sierra Wireless, the leading provider of 4G LTE modules for the Internet of Things. The 6300-CX is designed to be optimally located for the strongest cellular reception, eliminating the need for expensive and often ineffective external antennas. The 6300-CX's clean design, neutral color and flexible mounting options make it ideal for primary or backup connectivity for office and retail locations.

Accelerated also includes extra mounting options and supplies with the new Model 6300-CX, as well as a temporary battery that can be used for a site survey to identify the best location for maximum connectivity. Additionally, its Passive Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) cable simplifies the installation and ensures optimum placement.

Like all Accelerated products, the 6300-CX can be centrally managed with our cloud-based cellular management portal, Accelerated View. There are a variety of configuration settings that can be maintained and distributed from a central management location. This allows an enterprise to rapidly deploy, scale and manage a large number of remote locations in a short amount of time. Accelerated View also reports on the status of the remote units and generates alerts based on various criteria, including device check- ins.

About Accelerated

Accelerated is a provider of global cellular, cloud and network communications, and offers hardware and software solutions that expand primary and backup data connectivity and management capabilities. Since the creation of its flagship product NetBridge in 2006, Accelerated continues to innovate its line of cellular hardware, network management software and virtual private network (VPN) technology.

Accelerated offers a range of Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communication technologies including its Dial-to-IP Converter and custom OEM solutions, in addition to its the newest All-In product, the LTE Cellular Extender Model 6300-CX, a compact, high- performance wireless router/modem. All Accelerated products can be centrally managed using Accelerated View cloud-based network management software. Accelerated Concepts, Inc. is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Brisbane, Australia.

For more information, visit or call 813/603-4130.
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Date:Jun 1, 2015

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