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ACC introduces major enhancements to RiverView for Windows network management software; RiverView for Windows Release 8.0 meets the demand for a cost effective SNMP network management package.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 7, 1995--Advanced Computer Communications Inc. (ACC) today announced continued enhancements to their Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) based network management package with the introduction of RiverView for Windows Release 8.0.

With RiverView for Windows, ACC meets the demand for a cost-effective, easy to use management platform that maximizes performance and control of internetworks. RiverView for Windows is an affordable and complete network management solution for monitoring, managing, and configuring ACC's family of multiprotocol bridge/routers.

This PC-based platform, ideally suited for small-to-medium sized networks, provides a comprehensive set of point-and-click monitoring and management tools through a user friendly graphical interface (GUI).

The extensive package includes such features as hierarchical network maps, automatic node discovery, and icon assignment which allow for easy creation of network topologies. Graphic images of ACC bridge/routers, including depictions of individual interface cards installed in each device, and color-coded based on status, enable quick troubleshooting of problem nodes.

A point-and-click menu bar provides displays for all ACC bridge/router parameters.

Sophisticated Network Management Features

RiverView's ability to display real time graphs, charts, and long-term statistics aid in maximizing network performance by analyzing and identifying traffic patterns. A built-in MIB compiler and MIB browser make managing an internetwork via SNMP simple and easy. Health meters which gauge status of user selected parameters, and event actions, such as dialing a pager, help a network manager to proactively manage the network by providing early detection of potential network problems. The RiverView network management station can also be used to centrally store configuration and application files for software upgrades and backup support. These files can be uploaded and downloaded across the internetwork into a bridge/router's flash memory using the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).

The key features introduced with RiverView for Windows Release 8.0 include:

HPOpenView for Windows Support

RiverView can now be run as an integrated application with HPOpenView for Windows version 7.2, allowing it to be easily integrated into existing management environments. Users can access RiverView menus from the OpenView map and access RiverView applications by double clicking on icons in the OpenView map.

Telnet Support

Telnet support offers a standards based remote configuration application to the user. Users can utilize RiverView's Telnet capability to configure routers and other devices in the network remotely.

BootP Server Support

RiverView 8.0 includes the TCP/IP application, BootP. The Network Management Station, behaving as a BootP server, can now be used to assign IP addresses to ACC devices and automatically download configuration information using TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) from one central point of control.

Support for Bridge/Router Software Release 8.0

The RiverView graphical user interface now incorporates pull down menus, bitmaps, icons, and graphic images of interfaces to support full monitoring of ACC's Release 8.0 bridge/router software. This includes monitoring support for both flavors of the ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) card, the T1 PRI card for U.S. applications and the E1 PRI card for European applications.

When a PRI card is present in a device, a graphical representation of the physical interface, color coded for status, will appear in the graphic image of the bridge/router. Clicking and double-clicking on the interface will give the user access to pull down menus displaying the various PRI ISDN display commands, including information specific to the B and D channels, such as packet rates and discard packet rates.

RiverView Release 8.0 also incorporates GUI support for SNA Express, including both Data Link Switching (DLSw) and SDLC to LLC2 conversion, Frame Relay, IPX/SPX KeepAlive Proxy, and Flash RAM File System parameters.

Price and Availability

RiverView for Windows Release 8.0 will be available in September. There will be no changes to pricing; Release 8.0 will continue to carry a list price of $1,895 and upgrades for existing RiverView customers will be available for $500.

About ACC

ACC is a leading manufacturer of wide-area internetworking products that provide cost-effective interconnection and management of geographically distributed computer networks. ACC leads the industry in the development of Bandwidth Optimization technologies to maximize the utilization of leased lines and switched services. ACC's products are sold worldwide through 80 leading international VARs and OEMs serving corporate and business customers, educational institutions, health care, retail establishments, governments, and PTTs.

Advanced Computer Communications is headquartered at 340 Storke Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93117; telephone: 805/685-4455; FAX: 805/685-4465. INTERNET: World Wide Web: -0-

Note to Editors: Danube, Nile and Amazon are trademarks of Advanced Computer Communications. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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CONTACT: Advanced Computer Communications

Andrew Chase or Jessica Glick, 805/685-4455
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 7, 1995
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